Wow, last night was so much fun!
Even though I’m a bit hungover, Mail Bombs must go on!


Dawn says, “I’m looking for a pair of boots like the ones Tracee Ellis Ross has on...”
“… I have to have them what ever the cost! Can you find them for me?
Those are indeed some cute booties! Though it’s likely Tracee is rocking Prada, it seems you can get a similar look with either pair of these affordable Jeffrey Campbell joints:
1. Jeffrey Campbell Lace Up Bootie in Black, $124. 2. Jeffrey Campbell Di High Heel Cuff Bootie, $185.
Reader Edonna loved Tracee’s seventies inspired specs:

Adriana found she’s wearing these $345 Balenciaga Round Lens Degrade Sunglasses:
Don’t have $345? Try these:
1. Spitfire Candybar Sunglasses, $35. 2. A.J. Morgan Metradon Sunglasses, $28. 3. Palm Springs Sunglasses, $13.
Next, Keirsten says, “Where did my girl get these shoes?!?!?!
Adriana found Malinda is wearing these Dolce Vita Viola Stilettos:
Get the hotness for $264 at! I might invest!
Next Nesi wanted to find a skirt similar to Rihanna’s layered look:
I found these options for a flirty essence:
1. French Connection Women’s Vicky Viscose Mini Skirt, $39. 2. Kimchi Blue Outskirts Mini, $20.
And lastly, Nhezi wanted to know where the princess got her cute leggings:
We did our research and found she’s wearing these $62 Factory Girl Tights:
Good luck!
That does it for today, unfortunately…more when I wake back up:)

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  1. Love Malinda Shoes — But, the Dolce Vita’s are “KNOCK-OFFS”

    PLEASE Reveal the Original Designer! ——Luving this Site!

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