Happy Monday!

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and I’ve been blessed to attend several shows (Chocheng, The Blonds, Laquan Smith) and been photographed while doing so! In Style photographer Lydia Hudgens captured me rocking J Bailey Online and Style Eyes Optical outside of Spring Studios:

Skirt: J Bailey Online. Shoes: Jennifer Le. Earrings: McKenzie Liautaud

And I’ve been taking pix of my looks for other occasions:

Coat: Camila Coehlo Collection from Revolve. Shoes: Cult of Coquette. Glasses: Gucci from Style Eyes Optical.
Hat: Dara Senders.
Coat: Daniel’s Leather. Shades: Gucci from Style Eyes Optical.

I’ll be going to Paris for Fashion Week at the end of the month! To have me wear, photograph, and post your brand, email Bo**@Cl***********.com.

Which look is your fave?

Images: VizualApe