Chris Brown’s latest single Psychic is a rhythmic hit featuring the glamorous Jack Harlow. The music video is a fun dance-heavy visual that starts with Brown jumping off a skyscraper in a futuristic society before landing on a rainbow and taking us through multiple dance scenes are several eye-catching sets. 

The song is sampled over Cassie’s 2006 single Me & U, and she stars alongside Brown as the video’s leading lady. The last time we saw Chris and Cassie in a video together was when Brown dropped his 2009 single Crawl (the video where she iconically debuted her shaved head).

Crawl (2009)
Photo: Fanpop

In this video, Cassie is rocking voluminous long waves and lights up the screen in several looks, but her most commanding is the crystal double slit dress by Laced by Tanaya.

Photo: Mikael Selassi
Photo: Mikael Selassi

Styled by Legendary Lade and Britt Hall, Cassie finished her look with silver strappy sandals and crystal jewels. With only nude pasties and a panty underneath, she served the naked dress trend on a –sparkly– silver platter.