Happy Friday, folks!

It looks like New York city will be on lockdown, but we’ll still be pumping out content here at FBD! Today, I wanted to introduce you to Somewhere Jugn, a line of urban streetwear luxury created by California Native BooBagzbe:

BooBagzbe started the brand in 2008 just with the name, “Somewhere Jugn,” an observation a Chicago based friend made after spying BooBagzbe always on the scene, hustling aka Jugn. The clothing line launched two years later, after friends kept asking the man about town for merchandise. After selling 200 t-shirts in one month, BooBagzbe knew that he had a great business concept, and he decided to pursue it seriously.

He says, “The name came from getting money, just traveling. Either way it goes, everybody is Somewhere Jugn, you have to get money to pay your bills. So Everybody Jugn. It’s really a culture that people can see. I’m just bringing it to life.

Since BooBagzbe launched his brand, it has been embraced by influencers and celebs like Offset and many more.

While the Somewhere Jugn brand now experiences success, the road wasn’t always easy. BooBagzbe confesses, “The challenges are finding a good manufacturer and people who take you as seriously as you do. It’s just like music, you can get robbed in this game. You can pay for a service and not get what you’re looking for.

He continues, “”You gotta keep moving. Sometimes that will make you want to quit doing what you’re doing. I’ve lost $15-$20,000 but you gotta think, there are other people who have lost more. You can’t really be scared. What you’re worth now, it will quadruple because you already know what you have to do, what you’re aiming for, and what not to do. Everybody will make mistakes. You can’t just come in and think there won’t be mistakes. Everyone will take a loss, it’s a part of the game. If you can’t understand taking losses, you just need to go work for someone one else and wait for your check to come.” Alright!

See more on Instagram @SomewhereJugn and shop at SomeWhereJugn.com.

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