Time has always been a very subjective material. It is something you can never touch, but it definitely touches you. Many things have been changing throughout time. Fashion is something that is an indefinite occurrence in time context. It keeps evolving and then comes back at a certain period. While saying it is an indefinite we mean that fashion is changing constantly and you can never really predict what is coming next. 

Many people pay very careful attention to time and fashion. Despite it is said that everything new is well forgotten old, fashion is not an exception. Opposite, it can be very much the case. Something that is gone out of fashion always comes back but with slight changes, giving the look more modern spice. We keep chasing models and designers in order to catch up and not stay out of the style. We address websites and different magazines in order to find new trends and to fit in style. 

In past years when technology and sources were not as affordable as they are now, it was way more difficult to keep up. Now that we have TV shows, YouTube channels and Google we can always find what we are looking for. Even while choosing the daily casual looks, we can simply open google or install a new app, that is going to tell us what is the best option to wear for a certain day. 

Siri and Google Assistant are our friends if you know how to properly use them. As simple as “Ok Google, what can I wear for today?” – and there you are with different options, images, and advice from the AI model that basically has the largest database behind the scenes. There are various options for choosing the bombshell look for your daily routine. Online magazines that have sections of daily trendy outlooks, or consulting chats that can also propose you some interesting options. 

As many people are addicted to horoscopes and stars, it is easier for them to choose certain actions or models according to their characteristics, which are proposed on the individual level coming out of the zodiac signs. There are web pages you can address if you want to try one on yourself. Are you more of the trendy chic or fashionable lady. One of the ways to do so is to give a try with free psychic reading online without any fees. Make sure to know what is the date of your birth and time. There might be several useful advice on the way as those dudes know quite a lot about you, it is written in the stars they say.

Many trends have been changing throughout time and depending on the years and horoscopes. You most probably have heard of the year of a red bull or blue dog and etc. This is due to the horoscope and the existing criteria for certain things and animals. During these years dedicated to them, it is more likely to have specific colors throughout the year as well as the style depending on nature and the history behind it. 


Fashion can be influential, consequently, the bomb looks can stay trendy and leak in the mind for quite along. As an example, we can take the Gossip Girls. These TV series have been very popular among teenagers and youngsters. The looks of Seren have always been a subject to talk about. We can even say that the pop culture looks in the drama series have been pretty much influential as many girls as well as boys tried to take after their favorite characters and be more like them, Many of them even compared zodiac signs and persona features with the unreal characters. 

Before getting to the 21st century and Blake Lively who has been the fashion role model, let’s just dip into the past and take some elements that have given The Bomb look, we might even see certain trend lines that have been very popular even in the modern society.

The Elegant 1900s 

This is the period when the S-bend or the health corset was introduced to society. Although the corset was supposed to be a healthy attribute, in the end, it did not come out as healthy at all. It was defining posture quite well, though good silhouette required a lot of struggle and pain from the other side. Toward the end of the decade, the fashion shifted to girdles and away from the dramatic hourglass silhouettes that had been demanded of women for decades. Leisure apparel was also introduced, with options like blazers, long skirts, and wool sweaters becoming part of many women’s wardrobes.

Can you feel the similarity on that level? Long silk skirts and wool sweaters are trendy fall look even in the 21st century. 

The Body Showing 1910s 

This was the era when finally parts on the body such as ankles, could be shown from the beneath of the skirt. Though, the skirts were quite tight and were constricting women’s movement and sometimes leading to injury. While this fad mercifully did not stick around for long, the more practical duster coats and lace-up boots of the era are echoed in fashion today.

The Great Gatsby 1920s 

Flapper ensembles are instantly recognizable as the look of the ’20s, and it’s easy to see why: With their relaxed drop waists, ornately beaded designs, and feathered accessories, the trends of the era have enduring appeal. The most influential style, however, may have been a subtler one. According to The Dictionary of Fashion History, it was in this decade that Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress: “It offered simplicity and elegance, and instead of being a color associated with servants or widows, black became chic.” – You will recognize “black is always elegant” attitude from Coco Chanel’s words, that have sympathy from all age categories in modern society. 

The Body Silhouette 1930s  

While the Great Depression was reeling in the American public, the silver screen became a welcome site of evasion. Not only it was an invention for people to keep being home and the mean of entertainment, but became a new source to the fashion industry. Movie icons such as Bette Davis, Jean Harlow, and Joan Crawford dazzled in glamorous gowns and tailored skirt suits. The silhouette was long and lean, in part thanks to the popularization of Madeleine Vionnet’s bias cut, a technique that allows the fabric to drape over the body and look more elegant. 

The Show Your Body 1940s 

One of the less predictable consequences of wartime was the increasing popularity of the two-piece swimsuit, a result of fabric rationing enforced by the U.S. government beginning in 1943. Three years later, French designer Louis Réard introduced the bikini we know today, naming it after the site of American nuclear tests and daring to cut it below the belly button a style that wouldn’t fully be embraced until decades later. In spring 2017, Réard relaunched with a collection of luxurious, modern bikinis and one-pieces.

Some things happen for the better as well. War has given the modern word Victoria’s Secret and the sexy look on the beach. Years before it was not luxurious look to have a tan at all, opposite it meant that you were of a poor family and therefore had to work under the sun. 

The New Look, New Half 1950s 

In 1947, Christian Dior debuted the “New Look” silhouette that would shape the decade to come: With its nipped-in waist, structured bust, and voluminous taffeta layered skirt, it was the antithesis of wartime outfits. Even the lighter garments that eventually became common fare among middle-class women stateside retained much of this femininity: cinch-waist dresses, full mid-calf skirts, and sweater sets. Women finally had their rigid world to say to modern sexuality and elegance. 

The Take It To The Minimal 1960s 

”If I didn’t make them short enough, the Chelsea girls, who had wonderful legs, would get out the scissors and shorten the skirts themselves,” designer Mary Quant’s who owned London boutique, Bazaar, later told The New York Times. At the time, they were controversial, but clearly the naysayers were ultimately overpowered. Additionally, two of the most popular hues of the Space Age were appropriately white and silver, two-color trends that were the result of advancements in fabric technology. André Courrèges’s signature optical white, for instance, was enabled, does not matter how funny it sounds, by the introduction of a new bleach in the late ’60s.

The Take It High 1970s 

Jeans got wider, skirts got shorter, heels got higher so the synthetic fabrics flooded fashion stores in the 70s. In New York, Halston’s coterie of Studio 54, aiming for the cool girls, brought disco trends like Lurex halter tops and palazzo pants to the mainstream culture. 

From the other side on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the mainstream culture was flooded by tattered T-Shirts and safety-pinned plaid driven by the Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren. Can you feel the distance now? 

The Tight 1980s 

Something that is very common and casual for the 21st century was introduced in the late 19th century by the 1980s. If there’s one item that was as ubiquitous in the ’80s as it is today, it’s leggings. Alongside the aerobics craze of the decade, Spandex became a bona fide fashion trend though back then, they were worn with leg warmers, off-the-shoulder sweatshirts, and/or scrunchies. The very colorful episodes from the old movies where you see all the ladies and gentlemen having their time with aerobics classes and colorful leggings on. 

For more professionally minded women, the broad-shouldered power suit became an office staple. “Women in professional careers used fashion as a political language to illustrate their expectations of power and position in the management structures of large corporations.” – can be read out from the A Cultural History Of Fashion in the 20thwrittenn by a historian Bonnie English. 

The Make It Minimal 1990s 

The pop-culture inspired by the Nirvana and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, you could see the spirit all over. Marc Jacobs, was the one to introduce the very radical look for the season, taken to the fashion week. Teenagers, as well as 20+ people, were embraced with the baggy flannels and floral prints, which we are still seeking to get from the vintage stores. 

Besides that fact, elsewhere minimalism generally became big news in fashion, with little black dress, slip dresses, sheer fabrics and a lot of alternations of black and white. 

Finally, hip-hop’s influence extended to the mainstream with several artists being the role models of mainstream fashion. 

The New Century 2000s 

Here we are most probably with the most worn and comfortable wearable culture – the tracksuits. Beloved by J.Lo, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears the tracksuits, as well as velour sweatsuits, are already nostalgic items that they as well as brands are missing and trying to get it back. Graphic T-Shirts, bare midriffs, and logo-heavy bags took power. Therefore, we truly hope that certain trends will stay firmly in the past and we will be lucky enough not to see them ever again.

The Almost Here 2010s

Having almost a decade on our account, we can feel safe in our predictions as to which trends will endure most over time. Skinny jeans came into fashion after gradually making their own path in the mainstreaming culture and despite many headlines stating that there is soon the death to be seen of the skinny jeans, we still can see them on the shelves of the shops as on the people going all around and moreover, they are not likely to be going anywhere anytime soon. The same can be said about the athleisure, which is very trendy nowadays, though some of the fashion critics keep criticizing the looks being taken out of the gym. 

Thanks to modernity now we have the amazing experience of wearing hoodies and sneakers, even wearing them oversized, as offered by the famous designer Demna Gvasalia and still looking fresh and trendy makes you feel satisfied. 

We can not skip one of the most influential cultures, such as Hippies. The style of the hippies was introduced by the 1970s. Though, it should be said that the Hippie culture is not only about the clothes and the colors it is the whole cycle of life and attitude towards life. They have expressed all of them into the clothes and their style. 

One way or another there is always space for development as well as getting some things and items back. In the end, it is all about how we feel and about freedom of expression. Now that you had a short outlook on the history of fashion you can see that the period of time and the occurrences that take place have a serious influence on the clothes and general style of the people and societies. 

Throughout the centuries people were given different opportunities and rights. Consequently, at some stages, people want and can do a lot more than previously. It is indeed very important to be able to express yourself and show the feeling that you have, express your characteristics and make them work. The easiest way is to dress up according to your will and according to how you feel. You can be a fashion role model for yourself. 

The most trendy color is the color of your mood and the most trendy item is the one you feel most comfortable in. does not matter if you check it with the psychs or ask the stars you can always wear something that you think will benefit your day the most. While some styles and items keep coming back, who knows, maybe you will be the next inspiration for returning back the platform heels, similarly to Kim Kardashian who gave life back to S-bends, the corsets.