From Moesha, Girlfriends, Sex and the City and even the Golden Girls with wisdom for days, all shows served us comedic relief. But most importantly, it is the true sisterhood and friendship shown amongst those ladies that gave us answers we could all relate to.

Sometimes our teenage years, strange 20 somethings, and even the tricenarian years and beyond consist of questions after another like: ‘what the hell is happening’, and ‘just how am I going to get through this!?’ and unfortunately we just don’t know. But thankfully there’s always people to turn to that can help us receive those answers. Even when they’re just trying to figure things out themselves.

As a black woman, it’s hard to stay grounded and sane by your lonesome when the opposition and oppression are stacked against you daily. Yes, you abide by your faith and commit to rituals to feed the spirit, but where does a person’s gravitational force stems from to remain grounded?

There’s a certain kind of foundation that helps you sustain when you know you can’t count on only yourself. Like we all know, it’s hard to admit most times, but you truly can’t do it alone. Like a business that relies on a solid team, and how the body relies on oxygen….a girl simply just needs her friends. 

Her homegirls, her road dawgs, ‘the good sis’, your ‘soul sistas’, ‘ace boon koons’ or ‘Day1s’, not to mention the one to your left that you’d swag surf with while swaying to the right. Simply put, there’s nothing like a true sisterhood that’s built on friendship, respect, love and some serious bonding through trying times. Without question, most importantly they’re your anchor. 

There’s beautiful friendships like Anita (@nita_bonitaa), Yorwah (@yorwah.k), Jelly (@justtjelly), Shaena (@shayliterox), and Val (@vmoneyy__) to provide us a picturesque portrait  of such a foundation that unapologetically glows, and flutters the soul. After reuniting since college, and have since rekindled friendships, they were able to create a group chat to share their livelihood, check in, and uplift one another. A delight to our eyes, as a collective they decided to showcase the beauty in a sisterhood within their smiles, glorious connection and without a doubt, lovely fashions. Simply put, we’re at awe! 

What does true sisterhood and friendship mean to you? Comment below!