New York based ISLYNYC specializes in unique acrylic jewelry, including earrings, sunnies and necklaces. With fans such as Lizzo and Harely Quinn (Margot Robbie rocks a pair of ISLYNYC earrings for the entire film), this playful brand pushes the boundaries and put the fun back in fashion.

These Squiggle glasses might not be the first choice for a day by the beach but they are perfect for a trendy festival look.


All glasses are made by hand in their studio in Brooklyn, the Squiggle glasses were $100 – unfortunately these beauties have since sold out. However, they have many bomb designs to go with any style, any look.

Most of their designs start from $75, with best sellers including Dripping Heart sunnies, Star Glasses and a pair of ultra-thin Cat Eye glasses. Which would you wear?


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*If you’ve ever had to to buy glasses, you know that it can be a frustrating experience. Firstly, there’s never a large enough mirror to see your whole face; secondly, there’s often a price ticket or security tag dangling onto your nose; and finally with other people milling around and a salesperson standing by, it’s hard to not feel pressured into making a quick decision.