Fashion is a form of art of expressing oneself. It is all about the aesthetics of dressing up, accessorizing, doing the hairstyle, makeup, etc. A sense of fashion or the clothes that a person wears speaks a lot about their personality. If someone has good taste in clothes and knows how to carry themselves, it becomes a statement of style for the others.

People are increasingly addicted to the fashion-world as some people are dependent on online slots for fun. They believe it to be their own form of escapism, a means to keep aside their flaws and embrace their abilities. Fashion is much more than just clothing!

Preaching Fashion

There is an increase in the number of public influencers on social networking websites these days. The videos of makeup tutorials on YouTube, blogs and models on Instagram, etc. are all about preaching fashion in their own creative ways, in the endless circle of influence.

Instagram has given many new faces a platform to express their skills regarding the craze. It is seen that Instagram influencer marketing is a $1.7 billion industry, with the tech giant ranking as the most important social media channel. There are many online fashion communities that have given a chance to the self-made models to gather followers and inspire them. Many new fashion brands have also come up with the aid of social media.

Vogue magazines are also important components of the fancy world. They help people to understand fashion better. There are many useful tips that magazines provide about beauty, dressing and teaming up clothes and accessories, shoes, bags, makeup, etc.

Recent Trends

Fashion trends recycle themselves! The old trends keep coming back and again get outdated in a few days. Some of the fashion trends that made a comeback are the 90s’ bell-bottom jeans, chokers, and cargo pants. Silk scarves, round glasses, flannel shirts, sneakers have also managed to make a comeback in recent times.

Ripped denim makes a comeback almost every 5-10 years. The 90s’ plaids, sweatpants, leather jackets, dungarees, winged eyeliner, brown gothic lipsticks are all back!

Many other trends like the bob haircut, neon colours on clothes and shoes, high waisted denim, boots are some other vintage styles that have come alive again.

Though it is difficult to put fashion in a box, some of the patterns on-trend are:

  • polka dots
  • floral patterns
  • animal prints
  • classic pinstripes
  • geometric jigsaw prints
  • tie it and dye it patterns
  • camouflage patterns
  • optical illusion prints
  • tropical prints
  • African prints
  • patchworks.

The colours that are being picked by the fashionistas these days are:

  • dove blue
  • slime green
  • lemon yellow
  • golden yellow
  • beige
  • bright orange
  • bold green
  • bright pink
  • soft browns
  • lavender tones
  • neon.

Other commodities and looks that are the biggest trends of recent times are: 

  • bamboo bags
  • biker shorts
  • wrap dresses
  • boiler suits / dungarees
  • neo-gothic looks
  • puff shoulder dresses
  • bucket hats
  • capes
  • flat shoes

Casinos – Hub for Modern Fashion Trendsetters

Since fashion is permanently changing, the casino fashion has to change simultaneously, too. While casinos still enforce strict dress codes, some patrons have already pulled away from fashionable attires. Nowadays, many casino visitors wear jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. Depending on the house, patrons can dress up at will. 

Probably, it was the casino’s strict dress codes that urged people to stay home and gamble online. Gambling online, players can wear anything and still access their favourite casino games. In fact, they can wear their pyjamas if they want to and play their favourite games!

Factors Influencing Fashion

There are many factors that influence the trends in clothing to a great extent. 

  • Diverse cultural influence: Van Dyke Lewis, an assistant professor from the Department of textiles, Cornell University, said:

“As we move toward being one society, we also keep alive categories of people–defined in racial or subcultural terms- whose needs, tastes, and wants are different from each other.” 

Fashion, in a way, is very important because it represents cultural variations and the inter-cultural diversities. Inter-cultural exchanges have brought about a lot of changes in fashion all across the world.

  • Celebrities: Celebrities have widely been used as a means of provoking attitudinal and emotional reactions than a non-celebrity endorser. 

According to Weber (2008), imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. When you admire someone, it is easy to allow that person to influence the choices you make, including admirable clothing. The clothes that celebrities wear to the red carpets, movie promotions, etc. are used as fashion icons to increase the popularity of the designers and the clothes they are making.

  • Economic state: The topic of fashion marketing can be best understood by a fashion designing student. The economy of a country plays a major role in the fashion industry. The fashion trends are set according to the economy. The rise in the price of various fabrics like silk, velvet, leather, etc. in different places is also a major reason for the variation of fashion in different countries. Whereas, the economic boom and an increase in income lead people to buy more clothing.
  • Entertainment world: The world of movies and music is a major influencer of the fashion world. Various actors and actresses all across the world have successfully made various looks in movies famous among the audiences. Many musicians have also popularised many trends and have become fashion icons.
  • Social views related to fashion: The surrounding of a person or the expectation of a social cycle they belong to is a great cause influencing fashion. With the change of time, both women and men have become more liberated, and their style has also changed a great deal. With time, comes the up-gradation and shift in fashion trends.
  • Climatic influence: Weather plays a major role in the shift of fashion from one end of the world to another. Furry jackets and caps are preferable in snowy areas than floral and light dresses, which are more apt in tropical countries.

Concluding Thoughts 

Fashion cannot be fitted into any particular category. The taste of the fashion of different people on different occasions may vary. Some may think that a particular style is acceptable, whereas others may not like it.

However, in recent times, the concept of a stereotypical model with long legs, fit body and fair skin is obsolete. There are various celebrated fashion icons with plus-sized bodies, dwarfism, pitch dark skin, rare genetic disorders or severe skin conditions.

Fashion is all about one’s confidence. It has nothing to do with how the person appears. Therefore body-diversity is not just a trend, it is here to stay and inspire a lot of people to try their careers in the fashion world.