It’s ATL Week here on Fashion Bomb Daily!

Much like last week, Cocktails with Claire will be making another stop but, this time, we’re headed to Georgia for some good ‘ol southern hospitality. My colleagues and I are super excited about this upcoming networking event and it’s sure to be one for the books!

In celebration of our stop in A-Town, we thought it would be amazing to showcase some of our favorite bloggers.

So, let’s get to it!

1) Kay Lynn and Cari Rene of LAYLLAH, IG: @Layllah


I first discovered this phenomenal duo back when I started my internship as a writer here on Fashion Bomb. I accurately remember coming across their Instagram and just being swept away by their impeccable sartorial presence as well as their ability to blend neutral hues so effortlessly.


But, Kay Lynn and Cari Rene have continued to evolve since then. Now, the sisters are known all over Atlanta for their distinguished lifestyle brand LAYLLAH. With a social media platform of over 64,000 followers, these #GirlBosses are surely a pair to look out for in the future. They’re doing big things! See more on their official site here.

2) Tami Reed of Talking with Tami, IG: @TalkingwithTami


Talking with Tami is the product of red carpet correspondent and on-air personality Tami Reed who has worked with various brands including Oxygen TV, Verizon, Vibe Vixen, Disney, Ambi… and the list goes on and on! This Bomb Blogger’s bubbly demeanor has garnered her a massive amount of support and her online phenom is a one-stop shop for lifestyle posts, celebrity discussions and (of course) fashion.


And, Tami’s style is nothing short of extraordinary. The dazzling diva loves to incorporate tons of color, dramatic silhouettes and she always injects a bit of ladylike aesthetic into every single one of her ‘fits. Basically, everything she does turns to gold! Want to see more from Tami? Well, check out her blog now!

3) Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista: IG: @TheCurvyFashionista


There’s always been an issue regarding the representation of curvy women within the fashion industry. We’ve seen endless panels address the situation and we’ve also watched as plus size innovators have taken the forefront while assisting in providing shapely women with inspiring approaches to style. But, Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista is focused solely only catering to our voluptuous bombshells.


Marie’s blog is chock full of the hottest events, introductions to up-and-coming plus size designers, budget-friendly shopping tips and travel adventures. I was absolutely floored by the intricacy of her content coupled with her down-to-earth personality that shines through widely throughout her posts. Yes, honey! Keep slaying!

4) Mattie James of Mattieologie, IG: @Mattieologie


First off, Mattie James is #goals. She’s one of the sweetest spirits I’ve ever come across. And, although we have yet to meet in real life, we’ve had run-ins with each other via Instagram. This former Miss Liberia USA 2010 has taken the blogosphere by storm with her bold and eccentric style while also including little nuggets of her life in the process. She’s a wonderful wife, a loving mother and she’s a firm believer in “living what you love“.


Mattie is also quite the beauty connoisseur! Her primary topics include natural hair revelations, makeup faves and even skin routine tips. It’s evident that this chick is the total package and she’s definitely reppin’ for the A. And, trust me, once you take a detour to her blog, you’ll keep going back for more!

5) Beverly of Life in Beverly Heels, IG: @LifeinBeverlyHeels


Bev is another one of my favorite Atlanta bloggers! She’s the epitome of chic and her solid grasp of personal style has transitioned throughout the growth of her blog Life in Beverly Heels.  According to her ‘About Me’, the fashionista writes, “I’ve been working in this industry for almost nearly a decade. I am the owner a luxury designer consignment store called Loved Labels. In addition to being obsessed with fashion I am also a bit of a nerd, I have a couple degrees but by the far the one I am most proud of is my law degree. By combining my two passions of fashion and law I’ve been able to do what I love, and when you do what you love you never feel like you’ve worked a day in your life.”


Wow! Talk about beauty and brains! In her own glamorous way, Beverly has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts everywhere and she is living proof that dreams can, indeed, become a sweet reality. If you’re a bombshell who enjoys daily outfit musings with an added dose of humor, then Beverly is your girl!

6) Monica Awe-Etuk of Awed by Monica, IG: @AwedByMoni


I’m a sucker for a woman who has fun with fashion. No matter what the trend nor the season, I always find myself intrigued by Monica’s use of color, her genius combinations and her fearless approach to styling. Awed by Monica is a destination for the bombshell whose only desire is to uplift their true personal style.


Monica’s style is unpredictable. And, while she tends to gravitate towards feminine pieces, every now and then she shocks the masses by adorning an unexpected necklace or a flamboyant pair of sunnies. Her use of accessories helps to amp up even the simplest of looks and she consistently manages to make all her ensembles feel new and fresh. That’s why she’s on our list of bloggers to follow! Go girl!

7) Jasmine Crockett of Jasmine S. Crockett, IG: @JasmineSCrockett


Jasmine Crockett is a PR and marketing powerhouse who enjoys shopping, spending time with her family and traveling. The Godiva goddess has also translated her love of communications into a wildly-popular lifestyle blog that documents frugal style finds, day-to-day outfits and frequent posts that gives readers insight as to how they can become full-time bloggers.


Another installment on Jasmine’s blog that caught my eye was a segment simply known as “His Perspective“. In contrast to “Her Perspective”, the feature highlights the personal style of her husband! From time to time, he hops in front of lens while providing a slew of inspirations for male readers. How dope is that?

8) Crystal Daniels of Society of Harlow: IG: @SocietyofHarlow


Founder and creative director Crystal Daniels of Society of Harlow is a force to be reckoned with! The young girl boss has solidified a brand carefully tailored towards helping women master the art of slaying on a budget. She’s also the mastermind behind #TripleSlayFashion, a feature that shows fashionistas how to take one garment and style it three distinctive ways. Werk!


Immediately after visiting her blog, I fell in love with Crystal’s warm smile, her positive energy and the unparalleled confidence that oozed from each and every one of her pictures. She’s such a refreshing breath of air and there’s no doubt that this bombshell will go on to accomplish all of her heart’s desires. Check out her site now!

9) Titilola Sogunro of Titi’s Passion, IG: @TiTisPassion


We’re moving on to another taste of #BlackGirlMagic featuring Titilola of TiTi’s Passion! Every now and then, I come across fashionistas who can rock the heck out of modern minimalist style. Minimalism is a no-fuss approach to fashion but, at times, it can be a little tricky to pull off. But, Titilola kills it oh-so-well while proving that fashion can still be classic yet sophisticated.


This Georgia peach is an absolute gem when it comes to piecing together wardrobe staples. Whether she’s rocking a pair of pom pom embellished boyfriend denim or twirling it up like Kenya Moore in a sizzling red flowy dress, Titilola is no stranger when it comes to serving it up full throttle. She came slay. Nothing more, nothing less. And, I’m here for every single moment!

10) Hadiza Lawal of Woven Blends, @WovenBlends


Our final Bomb Blogger is a standout from the rest of our Atlanta fashionistas. Hadiza is not only a notable style maven but she’s also a fellow food enthusiast. (But, aren’t we all?!) As another blogger I follow via the ‘Gram, I’ve also witnessed her gorgeous evolution. She’s grown from a wide-eyed newcomer and solidified her own unique place within such a saturated industry.


In a brief bio on her blog, she gives her audience a quick preview as how she ventured into the blog world. She expresses, “When I finally became old enough to shop for myself, I knew what kind of clothes I liked and what worked for my body shape. I would play dress up for endless hours and basically to put two and two together till I was satisfied or could make it work. It’s the opposite with cooking… My mum did all the cooking and even with her aids, she still needed extra helping hands. It was a case of if you don’t help me, you’re not eating. From this, I became more inquisitive in the kitchen. From wanting to know how to make one thing or another, I became bigger and better.”


Whew! What’d you think of the list?

Are there any Bomb Bloggers that I missed out on? Well, let me know below!

Signing Out — Esmesha