Monroe Steele is one of those bloggers that I’ve kept tabs on since taking an interest in the blogosphere. As a fashion powerhouse, the founder of Fashion Steele NYC is one of my favorite fashionistas because she dresses for herself and no on else. And, in a world full of duplicates and imitation, stumbling upon genuine “personal” style is like finding a diamond in the rough.





Since the launch of Fashion Steele NYC, Monroe’s style transformation has been such a pleasure to watch! This style maven has evolved in so many ways and her stylish journey has only begun. With a love for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, Tibi footwear and quirky accents, it’s almost impossible to predict what she’ll rock next. In addition, her blog is also the foundation for which she expresses some of life’s most controversial topics including body image, relationships, beauty and even personal growth.





The Bomb Blogger feature is always a delight to research because I get to pull nuggets of sartorial inspiration from some of the dopest girls out there. And, in this case, I had to pull out my notebook to take extra notes, lol! Monroe is a fan of all things eccentric and fun: from her eye-popping skirts (ummm, did ya’ll see the Stella Jean fringe masterpiece?!) to her secret love affair for off-the-shoulder pieces, she’s mastered the balance of mixing her throwback finds with more modern counterparts which translate into sheer chicness.





Slay on, hun!

Want to know more about Monroe Steele of Fashion Steele NYC? Well, feel free to follow her via Instagram @monroesteele or check out her dope blog here!

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