Happy Tuesday, Bombers and Bombshells!

Now, today, I chose to spotlight a young woman who has played a large role in supplying me with some of the best sartorial inspiration since 2015. I’ve always kept a keen eye on her growth and progression but, it wasn’t until now, that I’ve taken the time out to actually feature her here on Fashion Bomb Daily. Her wardrobe is a treasure trove of endless glitz and glamour but it’s her impeccable styling ability that keeps her followers so delightfully intrigued.

With that, join me as we get into our latest Bomb Blogger: Annabelle Fleur of The Viva Luxury!





In her ‘About Me’ section, Annabelle briefly writes, “I started my love affair with fashion working with a wonderful Hollywood designer Elisa Ferare. Elisa was the most intellectual, creative, chic, lively and brave person I ever met. She used to tell me “Dare to dream and all you wish for will come true”! Starting a fashion blog was a long-time dream of mine. I live, breathe and dream fashion. I hope my blog reaches people who share my obsession with all things fashionable and who dare to dream just like me!”

Annabelle is a style maven who knows no limits. Whether she’s floating down the street, drenched in Gucci‘s latest designs or simply donning distressed denim and an on-trend off-the-shoulder stunner, her versatility is the key factor that distinguishes her from other successful bloggers. In addition to her flawless grasp of selecting statement-making pieces, Annabelle is also queen when it comes to taking looks from day to night!





When I first started following The Viva Luxury, I found myself enthralled by Annabelle’s evident beauty but her Vogue-worthy style combos were also pretty high on the ‘outfit inspo’ radar as well. I found myself combing through every single page of her site, just hoping and wishing for another fashionable fix. And, she never disappointed.

Annabelle is a style chameleon who always builds her looks based on a feminine yet luxurious appeal. No matter what she slips into, this Bomb Blogger always remains the epitome of chic while providing added bits of straight-off-the-runway intrigue. If you were given the opportunity to raid Annabelle’s enviable wardrobe, you’d definitely discover some of the most coveted shoe selections, countless printed maxi dresses, bold voluminous silhouettes, loads of ladylike lace and a handbag collection that will bring you to your knees!





Slay on, hun!

Want to know more about Annabelle Fleur of The Viva Luxury? Well, see more of her lovely style blog here or follow her via Instagram at @VivaLuxuryBlog.

What do you think? Feeling inspired?

Signing Out — Esmesha