The past 8 years of Barack Obama’s presidency have been powerful, hopeful…and also sartorially stimulating because of the vision that is our fabulous First Lady Michelle. She walked into our worlds with perfectly pointed kitten heels, and kept a strong hold on our stylish hearts with a wardrobe that spanned from J.Crew to Naeem Khan. She was the master of the cardigan yet could pull out a jaw dropping gold flecked ball gown for the night. We had a good old time swooning over her many chic turns, and have documented every hair and outfit change with unmatched glee.
First Lady Michelle Obama Wears Naeem Khan Gold Strapless Gown to the Phoenix Awards Dinner 8 Michelle-Obama-Gold-Dress-Phoenix-Awards-Dinner-2016
Enter Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, whose arrival onto the scene has been met with so much lukewarm sentiment, that #GirlIGuessImWithHer trended on Twitter.
Jezebel wrote a hilarious article about our general ennui and ambivalence towards Senator Clinton when we heard she was the Presidential Nominee.

Let’s be honest: Hill is not much of a fashion plate. Her suits are simple and practical (she mostly wears pants, not skirts). And though her words are powerful and she is, obviously, the best and most brilliant candidate, we can’t seem to get fired up.
Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who famously claimed she could see Russia from her home in Alaska, was feted and fawned over, with copious details of her designer digs, cool glasses, and blush pink lip color populating newspaper articles.

sarah palin fashion

Even though Palin was *not* qualified for the position, she sure was popular, due to her good looks, simple makeup, and leggy ensembles.

The world is sexist. Some people won’t vote for Hillary because she’s a woman. Trump has used extremely offensive language towards females (About Rosie O’Donnell, he said, “Rosie is just disgusting…she’s fat, she’s a loser.” He stood by his statement last night!). And somehow it is still a close race in this upcoming election.
It simply is harder for women. Just as Beyoncé mused, “Strong enough to bear the children…and get back to business,” women in politics are expected to be smart, know policy, have a stunning track record, but most importantly, not just look professional, but enviably fashionable while doing so.
Hillary is our first female Presidential Candidate and GOD willing, she will be our first female President. But I sometimes wonder if we’d stand more firmly with her if she chose to wear something we could sink our sartorial teeth into.

We can only hope that one day females will be judged for their brain power over the brands they wear. That black men will stop getting shot in the street. That people will be rewarded based on talent and not theatrics. But it seems we have a ways to go.
Let’s hope that real change happens soon, however, on November 8th. Register to vote here.
What do you think?

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