Bad Girl Cassie recently shaved her said, saying, “Sometimes in life, you need a change…Something that displays the ‘I don’t give a f—’ attitude that was always present, but never showcased. Something deeper than what you thought you were capable of. And something that will shock your mother, but make her call you a ROCK STAR.


Cassie isn’t the first celeb to sidle up to a razor.

Lovely Kelis always keeps it stylish with inventive hairdos:


And Amber Rose is known for her blond buzz:


But if you rock the close cut, you’re either perceived as fashion forward or just plain crazy:


Which one is Cassie?

32 thoughts on “Beauty Verdict: Cassie’s Shaved Head”

  1. I mean, the girl is beautiful and can probably pull off any hairstyle but that doesn’t mean you should do a style like this…lol. At the end of the day, this chick probably still has more money than me…lol.

  2. Shes trying too hard, I mean why would you want to look like two face from batman….cause that who she reminds me of with this ish!

  3. I feel like she was going for a Jack Davey (J*Davey) inspired look….she didn’t pull it off

    I think the stylist was lazy though….he/she could have done something to the longer side. just a little cut could have changed the look entirely.

  4. diddy must be hitting that, cause i cant believe he let her do know diddy has a say about all his artists and there looks!

  5. At least if you are gonna do it, Miss Cassie, do it RIGHT! Where’s the style? Where’s the innovation? You look like you were trying to pull a Crazy Britney Spears, but then chickened out half way through. Wtf?

    Please find someone to design your pretty little head, or inspect it, and then put the crack pipe down. It’s doing you no good.

    p.s. if you just went totally bald, you might actually be able to rock the look…maybe. lol

  6. why not just shave it all off? it looks hot on kelis, it even looks hot on a hooker like ambber rose..and cassie looks way better than her! I guess she doesnt want to be a copy cat. news flash cassie its to late!!!!

  7. she did this because no one is going to by her untalented album and she knows the entire NY state knows that she is Diddy’s jump….PERIOD. girls like her should be seen and not heard

  8. O.M.G. She done sipped of the devil’s cup… LOL She does have that far off look in that first pic.. Po baby. Just confusion… Ha!

    This is a no.

  9. i can digg that she should be seen and not heard!!! lol..but wait a minute she dont even need to be see anymore!! Ha she looks stupid!! i figure she must have been going through something when she first did it, but i bet when she woke up this morning, looked in the mirror grabbed the brush and started to brush that bald side, she felt dumb!!!! Stop trying to be something your not! its okay to be the pretty girl sometimes cassie, every female cant be a rihanna??? its okay go back to your stylists and try it again!

  10. I think she should shave it all off, she’s pretty and tall enough to be a model so I dunno why she’s trying so hard to be seen. To be heard though, nobody’s checking for her like that so she might as well hang it up LOL

  11. Again…trying too hard. If she would have done something that was actually creative (choppy cut on the long side, hair color, totally bald) I could accept it. Now she just looks like she’s covering up a terrible cut.

  12. I think Cassie the well known bad girl has shaved her head to give a new stunt to the audience. However I did not like this new look she is sporting. :-(

  13. If she’s gonna rock this cut then she needs to put on some better clothes bcuz that outfit is poo stainz. I would like to see the other side cut a little bit shorter and styled.

  14. I’m in the minority I’m sure, but I think Cassie is talented. Sort of. I like her songs.
    But I agree that this is a publicity stunt. Smacks of desperation. She can’t get anyone to pay attention to her for her ‘talent’ so she goes for this. Hey it worked.

  15. I think she is trying too hard!

    Is the look “daring”? Well, yes it is, but she doesn’t own it! Amber and Kelis on the other hand do own their looks, which while similar, are not the same thing.

    Cassie just shaved off half a head of hair…there is no style, not even a change of make up (same look as before).

    What is the point?

  16. I feel like she’s one of those girls who feels cursed to be pretty so she goes an ugly-up herself just so she’d be taken seriously… She could have EASILY gotten a contract at Ford Models! and been 3 times as successful as she will be as a rockstar with a half bald head!

  17. The shaved side looks nice. I think it would have looked better overall, if they cut down the longer side. And I agree with one of the writers below, this style is a little J*Davey-esque.

  18. I think she’s trying a bit too hard to show her “rocker” or “hard” side. But since the hairdo is here already, I suggest cutting down the longer side. I don’t walk away after seeing this thinking she’s incredibly innovative, just, as we say, a “follow fashion”. But hey, whatever works for you Cassie.

  19. I’m going to have to sleep on this one. Not sure what the point is, she’s such a beautiful girl. Not crazy definitely.

  20. I think she’s cute with her hair like dat aint nothin wrong with expressin how she feels how can she be tryin 2 hard everybody copy cats off each other mf just hatin cuz yall wish yall can cut yall hair off n still look pretty like her

  21. i think not cassie , theres diference to awsome & rockstar then , wacky & crazy , but its your life lovey , not mine xD

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