Check out Vogue’s May Issue Cover shot by Steven Meisel:


With Liya Kebede and Jourdan Dunn, this makes Vogue’s third consecutive cover featuring black women.

The layout kind of reminds me of the Vogue cover for the World’s Next Top Models:


…while Chanel Iman was relegated to the inside flap, Liya warranted the outside cover.

Whether it’s the Obama or Bethann or Andre effect, Vogue is truly bringing it with the diversity. I like!

Do you?

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Source & TFS/Luxx

7 thoughts on “Vogue’s May Issue: Third Consecutive Cover Featuring Black Women”

  1. Ah when the economy is in the crapper and “aspirational” brands are feeling the crunch and “aspirational looking” models aren’t helping your bottom line go for the last ditch effort and throw black ppl a bone…hey it couldn’t hurt.

    Despite my cynicism I’m glad to see Liya and Jourdan on the cover.

  2. Also how is Natasha Poly on the inside flap… wow I know she must have been secretly peeved!

  3. I don’t know what to think of all this sudden love of all things Black. On one hand I’m happy to see all the beautiful Black people in magazines, etc. but on the other hand what took so long? *sigh*

  4. Chanel was the only model of color to be featured on the up and coming model section? What about the Dominican Sessilee, or British Jourdan Dunn, or Somalian Ubah? What about them? This is ridiculous. I don’t even know who those bland, blonde girls are. They all look the same.

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  6. hmm … I see no red heads, no super curly hair, is this meant to be Vouge’s version of diversity? .. nothing striking here. Unless black people on a cover of a magazine is a rarity? Oh wait it is when its Vogue … and its not a “special” issue .. meh … nice photos though :)

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