Hailing from Haines City, Florida, this singer songwriter burst onto the scene being a member of girl groups TG4 and RichGirl.  Now, on her own, she’s taking over the charts writing songs for big names like Kelly Rowland, Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, and more.  With a new album out, Girl Disrupted, and a new single “Anything You Want”, Sevyn Streeter isn’t about to back down from the audio waves anytime soon.  But making sure her hits bump through speakers isn’t her only forte.  The girl slays, and keeping up with her Instagram is proof positive of that.
When it comes to makeup, bold is the way to go for Sevyn Streeter.  Striking red lips and dramatic eyes seem to be her usual go-to’s.  But every now and then, she loves switching things up.


Nudes and mauves are work wonders for her complexion, framing her full lips for a more natural look.

  If you’ve seen Streeter on the red carpet, you’d know she’s never at a loss for looks, especially when it comes to her hair.  Whether cut in a side-swooped bob or giving you Poetic Justice realness with box braids, she keeps it new and exciting every time you see her.


 And to amp up her looks even further, wigging out is never an issue.  Fun pastel colored wigs with loose waves or curly voluminous afros hit the mark for this style savvy chameleon.

   Outer beauty aside, Sevyn Streeter’s confidence and self-assurance speaks volumes.  She’s never afraid to shed light on social issues, as evidenced by her wearing a “We Matter” jersey that prevented her from performing the National Anthem at the Philadelphia 76ers season opener.  But this hasn’t stopped her hustle or shine.  A new album and slaying stages across America is just the beginning for this week’s beauty crush.  And we couldn’t be happier to be along for the ride.

For more, check out the gallery above for our favorite beauty looks from Sevyn Streeter!

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