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By Limsan Boulter (@limo_x) for Fashion Bomb Daily

Kylie Jenner, love her or hate her you must admit the girl knows how to seize a good opportunity. Back in the day when she first experimented with her lip fillers and got everyone talking about it, what did she do?  Released a gold mine of a lip kit product, snowballing into a global cosmetics empire and officially initiating the trend of matte liquid lipstick.

Brands such as Huda Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills and TooFaced (and of course, King Kylie) all have been the top go-to’s when it comes to the long-lasting liquid lip product.

Kylie Cosmetics have since expanded their product offering to include eyeshadows, eyeliner, glitter shadows, highlighters and more recently, a new line of lip glosses. The High Gloss collection dropped at the start of November, with a recent announcement of a restock on @KylieCosmetics Instagram feed – showing just how popular her glosses are.

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High Gloss Collection. Image: @kyliecosmetics
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4 lip swatches from the High Gloss collection ($16) Image: @kyliecosmetics

This isn’t the first lip gloss that Kylie released, she had previously tested the waters by including some glosses in her birthday and holiday collections, as well as her collaboration with BFF Jordyn Woods teasing the first High Gloss shades: Partner in Crime and 23. Now, her glosses are one of the most popular items across the entire brand.

She’s not the only one. Enter Rihanna, one of the first products she released as part of her now legendary Fenty Beauty line was Gloss Bomb. A one-size-fits-all sheer nude-rose gloss dream to give your lips that Fenty Glow, one of her best sellers when Fenty Beauty debuted last September. For the annual Diamond Ball that Rihanna hosts every September, saw the release of a special line of diamond inspired goods – including the second Gloss Bomb shade ‘Diamond Milk’. Fast forward to December and Gloss Bomb has a new sister, a petal pink color called Fu$$y.

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Fu$$Y Gloss Bomb. Image @fentybeauty
Beauty-Bomb-Trend-Is-Lip-Gloss -Making-a-Comeback-2
Fu$$y Gloss Bomb ($18). Image: @fentybeauty

The lip gloss has been remastered. That sticky, almost heavy-feeling lip glosses of the 90’s are over. It’s all about hydrating, comfortable formulas and a mirror shine giving your lips that plump pout look that Ms Jenner would be proud of.

Whether it is clear, glittery or richly pigmented color, it’s safe to say that the glossy lip look is not going anywhere.

Some of our other favorite glosses:

Beauty-Bomb-Trend-Is-Lip-Gloss -Making-a-Comeback
Jordyn Woods back at it with the lip gloss! This time she collaborated with TooFaced to create a special shade called ‘Social Butterfly’ for their new Rich & Dazzling lip gloss line ($21) Image: @toofaced
Beauty-Bomb-Trend-Is-Lip-Gloss -Making-a-Comeback-14
British Makeup extraordinaire Charlotte Tilbury has a cult favorite gloss, the Lip Lustre ($22). Image: @ctilburymakeup
Beauty-Bomb-Trend-Is-Lip-Gloss -Making-a-Comeback-7
No stranger to lip products, Huda Beauty has a line of ultra glittery Lip Strobes ($18) Image: @jadeywadey180
Beauty-Bomb-Trend-Is-Lip-Gloss -Making-a-Comeback-3
Classic, clear Kush Lip Glaze from Milk Makeup ($18). Image: @milkmakeup
Beauty-Bomb-Trend-Is-Lip-Gloss -Making-a-Comeback-9
Vegan and cruelty free brand Lime Crime with their Wet Cherry gloss line ($18). Image: @limecrimemakeup


Do you like the revamp of lip gloss? Will you be switching your matte lipsticks for gloss? What is your favorite brand?