Written by: Jennet Jusu (@TheJusuQuench) | Fashion Bomb Intern

Perhaps, an outfit can have its own soundtrack. Because according to Farren Jean Andréa, if those clothes can talk, they’d say what the striking presence of a woman wouldn’t have to. Which would be something along the lines of  ‘yes, you want this, but just know it’s not easy to look this good, either’. Even if she makes it look effortless. Responsible for making the baddest gal Rihanna, look good and come politically correct at the same damn time, the Hillary Clinton tee worn by the Barbadian pop star in midst of election season, was his moment made. And to think it all started by strategic branding as well as a conscious and bold slide into some DMs. Andréa’s main objective is to personify the makings of ‘Da Baddest B*tch’, world to Trina (who according to him helped raised him), with music assisting him as a foundational guide. Because the saying, ‘It’s not always what you know, but who you know’, stands true.

 With the thought in mind that he’d build a brand that showcases originality, and signature style, Andréa first priority is showcasing the liberation of women and their right to feel sexy, look sexy, and embody their femininity to the fullest. Unapologetically. He doesn’t have a strong following of supporters, with his vision of styling respected by accident. It’s his authenticity, and the art within the hustle, that has granted him opportunities to continue growing and evolving.

Just a simple DM from the watchful eye of Rihanna, that peeped his poppin’ power of curating looks together on Twitter, was the first spark to fuel Andréa’s power. Following another DM from him, which he considers his biggest moment to really catapult his career, given to Bella Hadid. Banking on the power of persuasion and finesse, it led to her being his Vampire Princess for Paper Magazine, after a promise to both parties involved, he can make it happen; which a Rihanna over followed with a ‘Ghetto-Goth’ and ‘Street Gore’, aesthetic. Grounds for a round of applause and a jaw drop, it’s full proof of not only Farren Jean Andréa’s genius, but just how far a belief in a vision and in yourself can take you oh, so far. As a stylist, creative director, and designer on a steadfast journey to the top, I think it’s safe to say we can expect even more iconic moments. With a banji beat, accompanied by a fiery force of a strong woman lyrics, on standby.