Sephora’s back with their annual Blockbuster palette and it’s one to make your head spin: 71 eyeshadow shades, 60 lip glosses, and 5 blushes, along with lip liners, brushes, and eyeliner.

A beautista’s total dream bargain at $48 (and Sephora offers free shipping online for orders $50 and over)! Pick one up at your local Sephora or online at their site!

5 thoughts on “Beauty Bomb: 320 Looks for $48!”

  1. How good is this product for women of colour. I am interested in this product, but worried if I buy it , colours will look wack on me.

  2. Ok, I bought the one they had for mother’s day… It was smaller, but usually quantity doesn’t always mean quality. It wasn’t worth the money I paid for it. The eyeshadows were just poorly made. Which was the main reason I bought it. Luckily sephora has an excellent return policy, so I took it back

  3. all of the colors don’t always work on my skin tone, either, but a lot did and i have fun trying them on. i had the one from last year and it was good for trying different evening looks. and anonymous is right, sephora is great about letting you return.

  4. I’ve never been a fan of these types of makeup set because while there are many colors, there are also many that won’t work on an individual. You can get a more tailored set with colors that you’ll actually use for either the same price as this palette or a little bit more from other beauty brands.

    A case like this may be better suited for a makeup artist who works on a variety of different skin tones.


  5. beverly
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