Hey Guys!
So I think my first week in Paris must’ve been an anomaly because I stepped out yesterday and caught many instances of Real Style!
I saw this young lady near the Musee de la Mode (Museum of Fashion):


I’d been been trying to go to the Musee since I touched down, and finally made it there only to find it’s closed until November 20th!!?!?! So while kicking rocks outside, I caught sight of this young lady who was running late and trying to catch a cab. I liked her laid back chic style, which was offset by her designer dress, boots, bright red lipstick, and stylish Ray Bans (I’m pretty sure she’s wearing this D&G Dolce & Gabbana Plaid Shirt Dress. I LOVE IT!)
After making my pitch in French, I realized she spoke English. When asked what she was doing in Paris, she said, “Just living life, being inspired by art, beauty, nature.” Sounds like me!
What do you think of her style?

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