*Robin Givhan of the Washington Post reveals that Barack Obama is getting his own clothing line!


Sketched out by Diane Von Furstenberg, Derek Lam, and Tracy Reese, the line–consisting mostly of totes, tees–will be on sale at Obama.com starting next month. The clothes will also have a launch party at Charles Nolan’s studio on September 9 – during New York Fashion Week. How exciting! I can’t wait. [Washington Post]
*The Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Collection just hit stores for you fabulous men out there…
…a revision upon the traditional brown Damier print, the graphite offers a gray and black color combo that can seamlessly meld into your wardrobe. Get yours at www.eluxury.com or Louis Vuitton.
*Mike & Chris (designers of Rihanna’s hot leather vest from last week) are moving into designing shoes as well…
…starting at $135, these beauts will be available at shopbop.com
*Friend in my head Wendy Williams’ show will be renewed for Fall 2009!!!

Um, can I take a moment to confess how much I love Wendy??? And that I stream her show to my computer during work?? My coworkers are always like, ‘What are you listening to???” I simply respond, “How YOU doin?!?!” [AOL BV]
*New York Magazine on the complex politics of Elle Magazine
…and how reality TV has thrust all the drama into the spotlight. It’s juicy![NYMag]

3 thoughts on “Barack Obama Gets His Own Clothing Line+ Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Collection”

  1. You have to share how you streamline her show to your computer. I love her show as well!!! She is fierce, over the top, well dressed and I love how she dishes the dirt. She is very at ease when she talks to her guest becuase she is excited to talk to them and meet them and still ask hard hitting questions. The women make their business to dress nice because they never know who they might meet or bump into.
    Her audience is something I never seen before in any other talk show. Yes their are women but beautiiful black sister doing well and making it happen. The gays are out in the front, open and popping and that really keeps me on toes because they are everywhere and helps me be aware that are out there and hopefully a straight will fall into my lap by the help of God.

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