So as I mentioned last week, I took my Flip Video with me to capture some Real Style at the Vibe Magazine Party.
Here it is: Enjoy!

I think I’m getting a little better with the editing and what nots. You be the judge.
*Thanks to Sophie, Lila, and Prince!
*Check out www.completetechnique.com for more information on the boombox three finger ring and cassette tape necklace. I want one!!!

10 thoughts on “Real Style 2.0: Vibe Magazine Party”

  1. The audio is not that hot. I like that girl’s boombox 5-finger ring but couldn’t tell where she said it could be purchased.

  2. For those of you looking for the “boombox ring” you can find it or one similar to it @ girlprops.com

    Claire, I’m luvin the video ;-)

  3. Hey find that chick in the MARNI dress and the YSL tributes for me, I wanna make her my official girl…..LOL

    Great stuff Claire!

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