By: Morgan Smith (@muvamorgs) for Fashion Bomb Daily

Last night was the first day of taping for the Victoria Secret annual fashion show, however it was Brazilian model, Adriana Lima’s, last day as Victoria Secret Angel. Just last year, Lima expressed how she was retiring from the runway which left people to wonder if she was leaving Victoria Secret as well. Well, she confirmed it tonight. Lima made a heartfelt post on Instagram about her retirement from Victoria Secret following the show, thanking VS and her fans for everything.

Adriana Lima is one of the most famous Victoria Secret Models. She started in 1999 at the age of 18 years old and she has been an Angel since 2000. From then on, Adriana Lima has been a fan favorite and a lingerie company favorite as being under such a prestige lingerie contract opened many other doors for her in the industry. She has been with Victoria Secret for 19 years and missed only one show in 2009 due to pregnancy. But she came back stronger than ever in 2010, as she sported a fantasy bra down the runway. Now, wearing the fantasy bra was one of the highest privileges and recognitions that an Angel could achieve…Lima has worn the fantasy bra 3 times, so that says a lot.  


Lima is labeled as the “most valuable Victoria Secret Angel” because she has gained such a huge fanbase and following over the years. She is loved by Victoria Secret and fans all around.  As she walked down the runway last night, she was a bit emotional as she took her farewell wave and walk yet still looking amazing like she did in 1999.


Adriana Lima in her first VS Show in 1999


Adriana Lima in 2008 wearing the Fantasy Bra which was reported to be worth $5 million


Adriana Lima in the 2010 VS Fashion Show wearing the fantasy bra for the second time that year


Adriana Lima and Alesaandra Ambrosio in the 2014 VS Fashion Show, both sporting fantasy bras