Some believe that beauty is a purely female concept. But the last century proved them wrong and showed that modern men have nothing against looking beautiful and looking after themselves. In addition to stylish outfits and regular workouts, there are also a few beauty secrets for men that teach skin, nail, and body care. Check out some of them down below.

Hand and nail care

Even women sometimes forget to take care of the skin of their hands and nails, so it’s not surprising that some men don’t do it at all. Follow a few simple tips and your hands will look perfect.

Never bite your nails

Regularly tidy them up by neatly cutting what has grown. After you’ve cut your nails, carefully treat them with a nail file. In case you’ve just realized your nails look horrifying, and you’ve recently asked someone out, there are good date ideas for winterthat will help you hide your hands behind gloves.

Not only women polish their nails

It would be nice to visit the beauty salon for a manicure at least sometimes. Male manicure isn’t the same as female. No one’s going to paint your nails. It’s only about removing dead tissue and making the nails look nice. In addition to the aesthetic component, this will benefit the nails and fingers.

There are many more rules, tricks, and secrets that can help you bring his appearance, hair, skin, face, and hands to ideal parameters. But even following these simple tips, you’ll make yourself stand out.


A lot of men think that their facial skin is good enough not to look after it. In fact, they don’t even suspect how important it is to take care of the skin.

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Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face every day

Men with very oily skin should use special detergents, not soap. A good face gel with the moisturizing effect will do. Feel free to use moisturizing clay masks for face skin.

Use a face scrub at least twice a week

This will help exfoliate dead cells that don’t fall off on their own, as well as cope with acne. After this procedure, the face masks mentioned above will bring a better effect.

Don’t forget about lotions

Use sunscreen lotions or creams that protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. This is especially important if you plan to spend several hours under the scorching sun.

Prepare for shaving properly

Before shaving, thoroughly rinse your face with warm water, lathering it first with some cosmetic facial cleanser (but not soap). Soak the bristles for a minute or two.


There’s a whole range of problems that men don’t (or don’t want to) pay attention to, perhaps because they are used to not doing it.

Hair wants care

The most important aspect you need to keep in mind when it comes to hair is scalp care. To keep the skin on the skull healthy, use mild shampoos that contain mild surfactants.

Fight gray hair

Gray hair is also one of those problems that guys usually don’t pay attention to. But some men are ready to do anything to somehow hide it. Gray hair comes from a lack of melanin – the pigment contained in each hair. Some experts say that, in 30 percent of cases, this process is reversible, but we’re talking only about the gray hair that occurs at a young age. In all other cases, the most effective way to hide gray hair is only hair coloring.

It’s important to wash your hair at least three times a week

After washing, it’s recommended to massage the hair and scalp and rub a special oil containing vitamin E into the skin. The oil should be left on the hair for several hours before rinsing with water.

Don’t wash your hair with too hot water

Set the faucet to barely warm or even cool water – it will do much less harm to hair and scalp.

Try not to use a dry towel or hairdryer

This leads to brittle hair, which, in turn, can lead to significant hair loss and, as a result, complete baldness. Let your hair dry on its own.