Professional poker players always pay attention to hiding their “tells”. For this reason, they use different types of costumes and accessories. Some people wear their own poker face to conceal their expressions. They don’t want to give hints to their opponents.

If you are playing online poker, you can play without these things. Check out vulkan vegas bonus bez depozytu to play online games with a trustworthy platform. If you want to play a game in land-based casinos, here are some ideas for costumes and accessories.


People consider eyes a window of the soul. For this reason, people look in the eyes of a gamer. Gamblers can conceal their eyes with the help of beautiful shades. With sunglasses, you can stop people from reading your eyes while playing.

Baseball Caps and Hats

A baseball or other types of caps are famous among poker players. For several players, it is a simple fashion accessory. Numerous players always play with headgear on to cover their face. A cap or hat can cover a large part of your face.

Moustaches and Beards

On a poker table, several players prefer beard or moustache. Some finds play with overgrow facial hair and use this hair to disguise their face. Their moustaches and beards can stop them from giving particular facial expressions. Moustaches and beards can be an excellent support in a land-based casino.

Oversized Headphones

Some players use headphones to stay audible. You have to be aware of the players wearing large headphones. They don’t wear these headphones as a disguise but use these accessories as a distraction. Your opponents and fellow players will get distracted with these headphones.


Some poker players are not allowed to wear a full face mask. In numerous cases, you can wear these masks during poker tournaments. Players are accustomed to wearing outrageous face masks. You can use this trick to confuse players by wearing a mask. Sometimes, people choose a politician or a celebrity face.


People choose different things to disguise their face at a poker table. There is no surprise that poker tournaments come in the form of attire. It could be a disguise of a famous actor or a politician. Some people prefer animals or birds to design their costumes. With these tricks, they can easily hide their identity.

Sponsored Clothing

Some successful players get a chance to wear sponsored clothing. Remember, online poker sites sponsor famous players. It will be great if you wear clothing with a logo of poker sites. A few players can win an entry into significant poker tournaments. They come to the poker tables in sponsored outfits from head to toe.


Imagine distracting and off-putting elements to distract players at the poker tables. Some players choose luminous wigs to wear. These are allowed at poker venues and tournaments. Feel free to wear a bright wig on your head. It will help you to throw an opponent off a game. You can choose some particular elements to wear an exclusive look for poker tables.