If you thought the MSCHF Big Red Boots were a bit extreme and out of the norm, New York based brand Bravest Studios released their latest Bear Claw inspired mules that have become a hot commodity.

The brand was founded by Andrew Xu in 2002 as a passion project, and has transitioned into a well-known label with pop ups in New York, L.A. and Chicago.

Photo Credit: @Bravest

The brown mules are made from faux fur with leather lining, and are characterized with pointy steel claws to give off the perfect bear tease. They’re also shipped in a faux fur collector’s shoebox, which can be repurposed for chicest home decor.

Although the popular mule which retails for $110 is already sold-out with no restocks in the near future, our fashion bomb readers have had mixed reviews.

@Chefresha commented, “look like a self-defense slippers to me,” while Instagram user @acethelook wrote, “I’m upset. This is upsetting.”

Celebrity stylist Harrison Crite also hopped in the Fashion Bomb Daily comment section expressing that “$110 is a steal,” and wardrobe stylist Shun Melson added, “I love em.”

Despite some people’s reluctancy, many trendsetters are embracing the bold and innovative mules that are whimsical, and unprecedented.

Photo Credit: @Bravest

We’re sure some the most fashion-forward influencers got their hands on a pair of these limited mules, and we’re curious to see how people will style and profile in them.

Photo Credit: @Bravest

Whether you’re camping in the woods, or looking for the perfect statement piece to add to your closet, these mules are the perfect showstopper to take any look to the next level.

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