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So Paris Fashion Week started yesterday. I was hesitant to write about it because I’m pretty green to the Paris scene, and didn’t know if I’d get an opportunity to go to any shows. Thankfully a few fashionable friends came through, and I was able to drop into the Rick Owens show today at Les Beaux Arts de Paris:


I chose my French Connection fur trimmed ivory coat for the occasion, along with a pair of Oliver Peoples Sunglasses!

My friend and I made our way to the venue, and let me tell you, it’s very different from New York Fashion Week. How? Instead of being in one place, the shows are scattered around Paris. Also, it seems you have to definitely know someone at the door to slide past the 5 layers of security:



After a bit of banter back and forth, we got in, and entered the dark room:


The room was full of fashion all stars. I spotted Kate Lamphear and Anne Slowey of Elle Magazine, Robin Givhan of the Washington Post perched front row right next to Anna Wintour (along with Morley Safer, who’s interviewing La Wintour for a 60 Minutes Special), Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune and of course, la piece de resistance, Carine Roitfeld of French Vogue. I stopped gawking for a moment to take in the show.  Rick Owens brought his typical avant garde flair: jackets with asymmetrical silhouettes, a subdued color palette of black, gray, and champagne, and lots of space agey details.



Not quite my style, but I could see how some of the black pieces could fit seamlessly into any wardrobe and how a few of the less edgy items could become classics over time. I also caught the final walk thanks to my Flip:

I have a few more shows on my platter. This and much more from Paris!

3 thoughts on “A Black Girl at Paris Fashion Week”

  1. Ah…The tulierres gardens…just a year ago i was there…how time flies. claire you are looking good and fresh!

  2. Claire, your jacket was the only thing I liked about this post. Cause those clothes that Rick Owens is passing off as fashion is not the business.

  3. I love Rick Owens! Je suis très jaloux!!!

    Sure the clothes aren’t wearable but most fashion shows aren’t. It’s about taking a piece, whether its cropped leather jacket or the skinny pants/legging and incorporating it into your wardrobe. As a dedicated follower of fashion (10 bucks to the person who can name that song! lol) I love seeing what the designers come with- what their inspirations were, their thoughts and interpretation of what a woman should be wearing.

    love it!

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