So last night my buddy and I went out to a few fashion week festivities!

We started at Hotel Costes, then made our way to Magnifique, a cute boite in the 1st arrondissement. Imagine my surprise when I ran into Fashion Bomb friend Andre J:


Yes honey! He was wearing a molded gold dress with a pair of daisy dukes that would make Amber Rose blush!

Word on the street is that he’s making the Paris Fashion Week rounds with Carine Roitfeld (remember, he graced the cover of French Vogue once upon a time).

Will keep you posted on other Fashion Week sighting and what nots.



One thought on “Spotted: Andre J at Magnifique”

  1. I sincerely can’t take Andre J. I think his looks are ridiculous. There is a fine line between edgy and foolish fashion..and his sense of style looks foolish as far as I am concerned. I shake my head every time I see him.

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