When one mentions the decade of the 90’s, three major things come to mind, the fashion, the culture and definitely the music. Major groups from Hiphop and RnB took center stage, influencing the urban swag we called at the time “Stello.” Amazing groups such as “GUY,” “Wu-Tang Clang,” and “Jodeci,” made their marks, changing style and fashion trends with it. The 4 member group Jodeci is known for its timeless hits like “Forever My Lady.” And “Come and Talk to Me.” Anyone from that era can sing the lyrics to their songs word for word.

Their unforgettable style also changed the look of Hiphop & RNB forever as one of the first groups merging the two impressively. Their signature combat boots and baggy jeans in all black were appealing to the ladies as well as a “look” that the fellas to rock, allowing guys to show their sensitive side from Jodeci’s strong ballads in their music, but keep the rugged image of the streets they grew up on to survive. It was the perfect potion in the industry and for the culture.

The memories from those times made Mr. Dalvin’s recent birthday celebration in Richmond, Virginia on Tuesday, July 23rd at https://instagram.com/6335restaurantrva?igshid=yii616hd0u8dthat much more special. Dalvin Ertimus DeGrate (born July 23, 1971, in Hampton, Virginia) is an American R&B and soulmusiciansinger and rapper, and he is best known for his days as Mr. Dalvin, one-quarter of the R&B group Jodeci.

His accolades are numerous, including rapping and singing background vocals for the band, as well as producing, songwriting and playing the drums and piano. Fashion Bomb Daily was on the scene at his birthday celebration. 6335 Restaurant and Lounge was the host, respectfully. The great night club is a premiere spot in RVA for events, birthday parties and more with new and old school Hiphop and RnB music. Previous guests include Special Ed, Mr. Cheeks and many others. If you get to visit Richmond, Va, make sure you check it out.

With Mr. Dalvin, it was another night to remember. The lights were low, the music of course infectious by https://instagram.com/djlonnieb?igshid=2iyx2rxxka5n, Guests sipped on special cocktails made from Strawberry Hennessy, sang happy birthday and then were treated to huge slices of vanilla cream cake cut by the RnB King himself.

When asked about his choice for his birthday attire, Mr. Dalvin was unsure of the designer but was adoringly happy Fashion Bomb Daily gave him the signature of style approval. He wore a white tuxedo jacket with a black dress shirt, black slacks and shoes. His dark signature shades completed his classic RnB crooner look. He also gave details that he had a solo album coming out and it’s set to be released in October. All Jodeci and Mr. Dalvin fans should be on the lookout. It was a great intimate evening for Jodeci fans, which held true to their own great music of sexy, unfiltered romance, love, and RnB Hiphop Soul.