Summer is almost over, but that summer sun is going to follow us until October and you will need these Ember Niche sunglasses to keep you looking fashion-forward and protected by the sun’s rays.

Ember Niche is a New York City based eyewear company that was founded in March of 2017 by two childhood friends. Ember Niche offers luxury eyewear that merges classic silhouettes with the unique street style of NYC. The brand thrives heavily upon the aspects of Black dandyism, individuality, and creativity through eyewear.

The “Spookz” is the newest addition to the Ember Niche family that run for $275 in the colors black, white, and yellow. The “Spookz” are a modern-day adaptation of the 1950’s London Mod culture. These bold sunglasses are classic, ultramodern, and full of glamour. New York Fashion Week is just around the corner and spice up your street style and be the talk of the blogs with these fashion week ready sunglasses!

White Spookz, $275
Black Spookz, $275
Yellow Spookz, $275