Whether you’re going on your blissful post-wedding honeymoon or enjoying your vacation together where you’ll pop the magical question, you’ll want to make sure that the high-value engagement ring stays safe. Read on to learn nine ways to keep your engagement ring safe on vacation.

  1. Insure and Inspect Your Ring — If you haven’t already purchased jewelry insurance for the engagement ring, make sure you do so before you and your partner go traveling together. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your investment and symbol of forever love is protected in the event it’s ever lost or stolen. Make a checklist and take photos of any and all precious jewelry you’re taking with you on vacation. If you have to report anything to your insurance company, you’ll already be prepared with documentation. You should also have your engagement ring inspected regularly by your jeweler to keep it in pristine condition. Wedding bands and engagement rings are jewelry that are meant to be worn as part of your everyday routine. Do everything you can to make sure it fits properly before going on vacation.
  2. Ensure Your Engagement Ring’s Stone Is Tight — Another reason why you’ll want to insure and inspect your ring is to make sure the center stone on your engagement ring is tight. You don’t want to be on vacation and accidentally see your diamond come loose or get lost on the trip.
  3. Don’t Wear Your Ring in the Water — If you plan on snorkeling, swimming or being anywhere near water, it may be best to skip wearing your wedding rings altogether. If you’re swimming with your ring, the cold water of the ocean can cause your fingers to shrink. That means your ring is more likely to slip off. The chlorine in pool water can damage your ring, too.
  4. Don’t Wear Your Ring During Outdoor Activities — Outdoor activities, in general, can accidentally damage your engagement ring. Your perfume and sunscreen can reduce the sheen of your diamonds. The grime, dirt and sweat of any outdoor hiking adventure can rub off on your shiny ring. Consider using a jewelry cleaner as well to keep diamond engagement rings nice and shiny.
  1. Lock Your Ring in the Hotel Safe — Trust your instincts. According to a study from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, 20 percent of people have experienced loss or theft of fine jewelry during their travels. Don’t leave anything to chance during your vacation. If you’re planning on being out all day for activities outside of the hotel for your vacation, be sure to lock your ring inside the hotel safe. Alternatively, you can decide to leave your engagement ring at home in a lockbox or secure hiding place.
  2. Just Wear Your Wedding Band — You don’t have to wear your engagement ring during vacation. You can leave the shiny rock at home and just wear your wedding band instead. While unique engagement rings are meant to be worn and shown off, it’s not always worth it to take the risk when you’re traveling.
  3. Don’t Take Your Ring Off at the Airport — There’s no need to take off your engagement ring or wedding band at the airport. Your ring made of gold, silver or platinum won’t set off the alarm. When you’re busy and distracted trying to get through the airport security line, it’s easy to accidentally lose your ring or for a swiper to take advantage of the moment.
  4. Clean Your Engagement Ring — Whether you’re on vacation or not, you should clean your diamond engagement ring. You can get a special jewelry cleaner to do the job, or you can make your own DIY engagement ring cleaner. If you’re on vacation, you can even make this DIY cleaner at your hotel. All you need is a bowl with warm water and then add some dishwashing soap. Let the ring soak for about half an hour, and then gently brush the ring to remove any dirt, oil and grime with a soft toothbrush.
  1. Put the Ring in Your Carry-On Bag — Let’s say you’re going to propose to your significant other on vacation. You want to bring the ring with you, but you don’t want to sound off any figurative or literal alarms at the airport. Keep your ring in the carry-on bag. You can keep the ring in the box that it came in and consider wrapping it in a soft piece of clothing that your significant other won’t think to open if they peep into your bag. In the event that an airport security officer does need to search your carry-on, put a note on the engagement ring box that says something like, “Engagement ring — shhh!”

You may have heard the troubling stories of rings being stolen or lost in the ocean. No one wants to lose a ring when they’re ziplining on their honeymoon. However, with all of these tips in mind, you’ll be able to travel with ease on your vacation. When in doubt, trust your gut and err on the side of caution.