Sure, you could wear your wedding dress to the after-party, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That being said, there’s definitely a trend toward brides changing into a different outfit after the wedding. It’s a little easier to dance and have a good time without a long trail following you around all night. Plus, what bride wants the stress of spilling something (or having something spilled) on her wedding dress? Read on for our favorite after party outfit ideas for the bride. 

  1. One-Shoulder Dress

If you want to go simple but bold, you’ll turn heads in a white one-shoulder dress. The transition from a wedding dress to dressed down is perfect here, and it’s so simple to pull off. Throw on simple white heels or dress them down a little bit with some wedges. Go simple on the wedding jewelry here and make a minimalist statement. 

  1. Long Sleeve Midi Dress

If you don’t want to dress down much, but you do want to change clothes, this is a perfect balance. Lean toward elegance in a white midi or go bold with golds and silvers. If you’re going simple and white, you can go white with the shoes or make a statement with some bold heels.

  1. Linen Mini Dress

Whether you’re getting married on an island or just want to look the part, this is a perfect choice for anyone. While maybe not the best option for fall weddings, spring and summer ones will suit this choice immaculately. Go simple here with lighter earth tones on your accessories, and let the dress stand out on its own. 

  1. Jumpsuit 

A jumpsuit is always a bold choice, no matter the color or style. The best part here is that you have a nearly infinite range of formalities to choose from. Go for a more casual jumpsuit for laid-back outdoor weddings, or dial it up a bit for more formal venues. A higher slit on the side is sure to be a look you’ll never forget. This goes incredibly well if you made a bold choice for your bridal set.

  1. Off the Shoulder Dress

Are you looking to give off casual cool vibes? Whether you feel the part or not, you’ll absolutely look it in a loose off the shoulder dress. In a similar fashion to the linen mini dress, you’ll look at home in all warm-weather casual affairs. Lean more toward casual in your shoe choice, and you’ll have the perfect outfit in both comfort and style. 

  1. Lace Dress

If you want to put a new spin on a classic look, there are so many fabulous lace dresses to choose from. If you went classic on your wedding dress, this is a perfect choice to mimic that look while staying true to the theme of the wedding party. Go with heels just as classic and minimalistic gold jewelry, and you’ve got an outfit that can never go wrong. 

  1. Satin Dress

Satin flows so well that you’ll just want to move and dance in it! Anything satin is great if you don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style (but still want plenty of style). Pair it with a simple clutch and some of your favorite earrings, and you’ve got an outfit low in effort and high in style. 

  1. Two-Piece Set

Nothing casual enough for you so far? Go with a set of casual bridal separates. You don’t need to go fancy to look great, and two-piece sets are always a simple, stylish choice. Keep them around when you’re done, and bring them to your next upscale casual gathering. They’ll blend right in!

  1. Suit Jacket and Pants

A bit of a different take on a two-piece here, for sure. If you like the idea of the jumpsuit but aren’t sold, you might love the suit jacket and pants. Crop the pants and go casual on the shoes for the perfect dressy casual mix. White heels go a long way if you want to dress it up.

  1. Wrap Dress

Whatever length you opt for, a wrap dress gives you a great casual outfit you can move around in effortlessly. You’ll walk the line between casual and formal perfectly with all the freedom of movement you could want for a night of dancing. With plenty of pattern options, you can go well into the range of casual with ease. 

  1. Long Sleeve Gown

The best part about a long-sleeve gown is the nearly endless options you have in terms of style and color. This is a perfect choice for brides who want to go for color instead of white for their afterparty outfit. You’ll give off the most formal put-together vibes, no matter the color, but straying away from white here gives you a ton of stylistic options. If not white, blue is a fantastic color choice for an elegant look. Lean toward formal with your shoes and accessories, though.

Whether you want to go classic or modern, formal or casual, you’ll look incredible no matter what you choose!