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A new year is just around the corner. Of the many resolutions you may be thinking about, few will give you the feeling of a new beginning such as a wardrobe cleanup. Overstretched jumpers, ill-fitting pants, outdated accessories, or fleeting trends and attire you’ve simply never worn, should all probably be making way for a fresh start. Here’s 6 tips to clear the space and reset your closet to start anew.  Thinking about getting a new ladies watches or shopping for neutral tones that can be paired year after year is a better investment in the long run.

The rationale for getting rid of wardrobe clutter is obvious but actually doing it is a different matter altogether. The chronic procrastination is often because the chaos feels so overwhelming that you aren’t sure of just where to start. Yet, if you keep your eye on what’s most important, you can pull it off with relative ease. Here’s how.



  • Discard Anything Cheap and Trashy



Cheap and trashy usually implies low quality so when you are thinking about what to discard, you should probably start with these. Of course, trashy is pretty subjective so the specific items that will fall in this bracket will vary from person to person. Most times though, it is items that you saw as sexy when you bought them but now cringe when you imagine wearing them.

Some of your cheap stuff may have practical use (like wearing when you are indoors) so don’t just throw out everything unchecked. In any case, you’ll find that you wear a small number of your clothes on rotation with the rest worn rarely or not at all. Nearly all your cheap and trashy wear will almost certainly be in the seldom or never worn category.



  • Keep it Simple



Trendy clothes look spectacular in the moment but their appeal quickly vanishes once they are no longer in fashion. You shouldn’t build your wardrobe on the strength of seasonal, fast changing trends. Instead, the theme ought to be keeping it simple and basic (unless you are part of the 1 percent and can afford to spend tons of cash on clothing alone).

These basic items should form the building blocks of most outfits you wear. It could be a couple of plain trousers, several pairs of jeans or a set of jumpers that are evergreen fashion-wise. Simple, basic items can be part of your wardrobe for years and never look out of place.



  • Act Ruthlessly



If you are a working adult, chances are that the overwhelming majority of the items in your wardrobe were bought with your own money or a partner’s. The thing about spending money on something is that you develop an emotional connection to it.

It’s why getting rid of anything you bought (house, car, clothes etc.) can be difficult and is the trigger for the procrastination most people struggle with when it comes to decluttering their wardrobe.

You have to be decisive and ruthless in your wardrobe overhaul. Best approach is to come up with a set of hard rules to follow. For example, anything you haven’t worn over the last 12 months has got to go.



  • What Can You Sell?



Some items are best given away to family, friends or charity. Others may be in such a terrible state that you can only toss them in the trash. But there’s a third option especially if you don’t mind generating some cash from your clothes’ pile: you could put them up for sale.

Some of your dresses, blouses and pants may be in such good condition or almost new that there are actually people out there who would not mind paying to have them. Just because something is no longer appealing to you doesn’t mean that it isn’t attractive to everyone else. If a garage or car boot sale doesn’t work, consider posting on a fashion resale site.



  • Balance The Colors



One of the reasons why so many of your clothes are going unworn is because you probably have too much of a particular color. Everyone has one or more favorite colors and that’s okay. The problem is that after several months and years of shopping, you may find that just one or two colors excessively dominate your wardrobe.

If you, for instance, end up with an ocean of black and grey, you may want to pause buying any more items of that color. You could also prioritize these colors when identifying the clothes you want to get rid of. That way, you can fill your closet with new colors that will achieve a healthy balance.



  • Seek Online Inspiration



Internet access is near ubiquitous in developed countries. Yet, it remains incredibly underutilized. Exploring the world wide web can certainly provide some invaluable inspiration for your wardrobe reorganization plans.

Instagram in particular has carved a niche as the go-to platform for the fashion conscious so that would be a great place to start. Visit and follow the profiles of fashion icons, fashion bloggers and leading clothing brands for tips and ideas on how you can achieve a lean, clean, coordinated and practical wardrobe.


A wardrobe revamp takes time, thought and effort. By following these tips, you are more likely to get it right from the get-go.