Summer is an exciting time of year for everyone. But it’s especially wonderful for happy couples who are finally ready to make a lifelong commitment to one another by tying the knot. Summer weddings are not only popular, they are also the perfect time to become adventurous and come up with new and interesting wedding ideas and traditions.

As an example, over the last few years many happy couples have signed up for an alternative wedding registry. In lieu of traditional gifts, they ask their guests for financial aid to help them pay for the perfect honeymoon, put a down payment on their new home, or use the money to pay for other big expenses.

Besides that, there are other exciting summer wedding trends to consider. We’ll share our top three favorites with you below.


  1. Dynamic Colors Are All the Rage

Whether you know it or not, summer weddings are filled with bright hues and colors that really have a tendency to stand out. Not only can you use these colors to decorate the reception hall, you can also make a bold and adventurous statement and wear bright colored clothes too.

Right now, pink wedding dresses are becoming very popular. Or if you prefer to wear a traditional white wedding gown, you could always ask your bridesmaids ladies in waiting to wear pink dresses.

Or better yet, think about using sophisticated bright colors to decorate your wedding space. Strategically splash these colors throughout the wedding reception and they will make a strong, bold, beautiful statement. Think bright yellow table linens, or orange centerpieces, or multicolored bright flower arrangements. Just think about adding bright splashes to your traditional wedding colors and you’ll be fine.


  1. New Wedding Themes

Just because you’re hosting a summer wedding, doesn’t mean it has to take place in a garden or on a beach. You can switch things up and do them differently instead of using the more popular yet generic settings. Consider taking a more personal route with your wedding theme.

Do you have a favorite place to hang out during the summer? Maybe you absolutely love going to theme parks with your soon-to-be spouse. How about having your wedding at your favorite amusement park? This would be fun for everyone in attendance – especially the kids – and you and your wedding party and family members and friends will have an amazing time as you get married in a very unique and interesting place not typically known for weddings and receptions.

Or maybe you like spending time hiking in the woods. You could always have an outdoor wedding in the woods and rent a cabin and hold your wedding reception there.

Ultimately, just think about your favorite things to do during the summer and figure out if it’s possible to hold your wedding ceremony and reception in these locations. You may end up having a totally distinctive and exceptional wedding that no one will soon ever forget.


  1. Think Beyond a Typical Wedding Cake

You’ve planned everything in advance, found the perfect fairytale wedding dress, and now it’s time to choose your wedding cake. Do you choose a traditional option or do you become a little more adventurous?

During the summer, it’s always daring to pick a more seasonal selection. You can get a cake with whipped cream and strawberry filling, or strawberry shortcake, a key lime wedding cake, a cake with orange vanilla, or even a buttercream cake with summertime fruit.

Even better, think about bringing an ice cream truck to your wedding. Have them give your guests ice cream at the end of the festivities and your guests will go home smiling, happy, and feeling a wonderful sugar high.


Final Thoughts

There’s no rule that says you must have a traditional summer wedding. You have a chance to be brave and definitely different. We recommend bucking tradition just this once in order to have a memorable dream wedding that you and your guests will remember fondly for many years to come.