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Many think that high fashion is something that is only limited to the domain of the runway, not the poker tables. However, one look at some of the best dressed poker players can change your opinion for sure. Let’s acquaint you with 3 of them here in this short article.

Marcel Luske

He is one popular poker player who would either go with a jacket and a trouser rather than jumpers and jeans. The style has served him very well too. Widely referred to as the ‘Flying Dutchman’, his live poker tournament cash outs go as far back as 1999.

Although you can refer to all kinds of style guides for poker players and other gamblers, dressing up like Marcel Luske is not too hard. The talented poker player hails from Amsterdam, and is always seen wearing a tailored suit whenever he sits down at the poker table. The primary difference between how he dresses compared to other sharp dresses is that you will always see him wearing trendy pair of shades. Not just that, he often wears them upside down! His style has served them fairly well as he has already won over $ 5 million playing live poker tournaments.

Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier

Whenever anyone talks about best dressed poker players, their opinion is often relative, just like the word ‘best’ is. As the popular saying goes, one man’s meat could be another’s poison. There are many poker players who go all lengths to stand out from others, so much so that you might mistake them to be dressed up for a fancy dress party. One such popular poker player is Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier. Counted amongst the funkiest dressed players in the poker world, he’s a French man whose unique style works amazingly well for him, and is a true reflection of his personality. Elky hails from France, and hence there’s a flamboyance and Gallic flair in his genes. Having spent considerable time in South Korea, where he used to play professionally, his clothing is also heavily influenced from Asia. He bleaches hair all white and often jells them into crazy styles including Mohawk, plain spikes etc. it complements his clothing pretty well, which is often brightly coloured leather jackets, crazy pattern T-shirts and the kinds.

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Charlie Carrel

Giving Elky company in the bizarrely dressed category of poker players is Charlie Carell, the well-known British youngster in the poker world. He is fantastic at poker tables and maintains a psychedelic style. If you were to describe his dressing sense in two words, it would be hippy chic. You will often see him dressed in crazy T-shirts, brightly coloured pants, weird hoodies and stuff that he picks up from all kinds of places in the world. Charlie never maintains a low profile wherever he goes and is always conspicuous in the way he dresses. Like the other poker players we mentioned above, his style perfectly suits his personality.