Fashion Discussion: What’s Wrong with Dressing Up To Protest?

In 2014, I was dragged through the coals and read my rights for wearing a Served Fresh x Ty Hunter sweatshirt, white jeans, and Gianvito Rossi heels to walk in the Millions March.
Instead of seeing my photos as an opportunity to use my platform to shed light on a pivotal political event, most accused me of marching for a ‘photo op.’
Fast forward three years later, and ladies showed up and showed out to protest in the Women’s March yesterday.
But while Rihanna was praised for her Lapp the Brand This P**SY Grabs Back Sweatshirt, HLZBLZ Middle Finger Pink Baseball Hat, Molly Goddard Pink Jamie Tutu Dress, fur stole, pink pumps, and 24k Gold Majesty Black Vegan Black Sarah Gloves

Yandy Smith caught heat for wearing an Alice & Olivia Dakota blouse, the brand’s striped pants, and a fur coat to March on Washington. On Instagram, @Munirahb said, “Who attends a march dressed like this!?! Smh this was all for show.”

Are heels ideal for a march? I can tell you from experience that no, they aren’t the best choice in footwear. My feet weren’t burning, but I’ll probably wear sneakers next time! But if a woman wants to wear a pink tutu, furs, or a jewelry festooned burlap sack…who cares, as long as she represents and shows her support in a real way?
In a march that stood for unity, love, and acceptance, can we please stop acting like the fashion police of protests?

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If you want to twirl in pink, purple, blue, or neon I say, twirl on…
What do you think?


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