Best of 2007: Fashion Bomb Readers

Hey Y’all,

So I’m finally home! Sorry for the delay; I got in late last night and slept in (naturally) this morning. As I type, I’m watching an afternoon potpourri of the Finest Television (Maury, Judge Mathis, Judge Judy). It’s divine
But enough about me. Another huge highlight for the Fashion Bomb’s past year: YOU!
In 2007 you guys really came out to represent like never before, showing me your style for The Fashion Bomb’s various contests, and also displaying your fierce sense of chic just because. We’ve had readers from NYC…
…to the Chi…
From New Orleans…
…to Toronto….
From College Students…
…To Mothers…
And everyone in between!
You may not know it, but you guys motivate ME to update this blog with fresh content every day. When I’m having a bad day and it seems that all is going down, down, down…I open my e-mail and see a positive comment or someone who has a question for me, and it clears away all the doldrums.
In sum, this blog exists largely because of…
Thanks for reading! You’re the bomb!

Fashion, News, and What Nots

*Only one more day of the year recap before I ship off to the motherland (aka the Bahamas) for next week. Don’t know if you know, but my mom’s family is straight from Nassau…so we’re all going down to enjoy the fabulous weather and Junkanoo (carnival on Christmas Day). I couldn’t find my camera charger (no annoying), but I’m gonna really try to capture the moment for y’all–true authentic Bahamian style. Buck! 


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