Merry Christmas Eve!
So surprise, surprise. I brought my black lappy with me to the Bahamas! And while I’m on vacation, I knew that I wanted to capture a bit of Bahamian Chic.
My cousins took me to the Carnival…


…which is basically Coney Island on a smaller scale.
I went with my early Christmas gift (a sleek Canon Powershot) determined to find some Real Style for y’all.
To prepare, I asked my cousin what was in style on the Island. She revealed:

1. Even though it averages 70 degrees here, any winter wear, including boots with fur were in.
2. Shoes and bag MUST match.
3. As long as your hair is done, the rest of your outfit can pass. She referred to a ’28 piece’ which is basically a complicated weave style that involves approximately 28 pieces (or more!).

With that information, I went out to find a few Bahama Mamas:
I snapped this couple first…

…they looked fresh and clean in white shirts and jeans.  I admired how the lady’s mustard shoes matched her mustard and brown bag (and her earrings).
Next, I had to stop this group…
…they had great energy, and I took note of the young lady sporting boots with fur trim.
This group…
…would’ve won the Real Style award if there was one! Not only were they dressed to kill in satin, pumps, and skinny jeans, but there were so many 28 pieces, I couldn’t count! And check how second from left’s shoes match her purse and her hair. They better work!
I did catch up with some of the guys…
…who seemed to keep it pretty simple in polos, t-shirts and jeans.
But then I took a close look at homeboy in the middle’s shoes….
…the tag was still on! I almost died. Perhaps that’ll catch on in New York?
Anyway I’m having a delightful time with my cousins, eating loads of cracked conch, conch salad, Rice & Peas, Guava Duff, and Goombay Punch. I’m literally in heaven.
Hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday!
I’ll be back stateside towards the end of the week.
Until then….

4 thoughts on “Real Style: Nassau”

  1. I think all cultures/groups have style. There are trends and traditions that everyone in that particular region know is hottt!! I say take a piece of each place you visit or know and you can create a totally new style!!
    Merry XMas everyone!

  2. Hey boo! I’m so jealous! You had all that to eat already? You just got there! Well I guess eat some cracked conch and guava duff for me, and bring back some Goombay Punch if you can. It looks like your having lots of fun! I love the pictures you took. The first couple in the white is my favorite, they look really polished. Good post, I’m looking forward to seeing more Bahamian style.


  3. I can’t believe homboy still had the tag on his shoes! LOL…I agree with Genene and the couple in the white was my favorite.

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