May 12th, 2011
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Martha from New York
By Claire

Happy Thursday!!
I’m flying out to Cleveland tomorrow to attend my homegirl’s grad school graduation. Lots of errands to run and ends to tie up, so here’s our Bombshell: Martha or MdollNYC from New York:

She says, “My style is very girly, modern, and classy with a touch of vintage.”

“I love mixing new and old fashion.”

“I’m inspired by Audrey Hepburn.”

“I love pearls and dresses…”

“…Anything glam and fashionable.”

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature that showcases the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and your picture(s) to

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47 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Martha from New York”

  1. caribbelle says:

    I’m not usually a fan of white shoes but I really do like hers, I thinks its the spikes and the bow that sells it for me. Very cute!

  2. lola says:

    Pretty girl but I don’t see any “wow” factor here. You can tell she feels comfortable in her skin so kudos to her.

  3. xoxoxo says:

    You kinda look like Sheree from RHOA. I love the platforms in the second picture…

    …mwahhh :)

  4. llehsal says:

    Very nice. Only thing I would not wear is the white dress.

  5. BOOBOO says:

    Beautiful girl!! FB has had a slew of beauties w/amazing bodies (no homo)

    On to fashion-
    I lik how she paired the yellow skirt. Very unexpected but still girly. (although this is not my style..its works 4her)
    I lik the floral dress (last pic)

    I do not lik the rest of the pics. I want to but something is missing:( I lik the spiked shoes but not w/that fit.

    I think she needs more accessories and 2not b so matchy matchy ie yellow purse,tank n heels

    Pls burn the white dress

  6. yusufswifee says:

    am I stupid or are those poka dots on the shoes and not spikes…?

  7. Mika says:

    BLAH !

  8. KDub says:

    @yusuwifee Yes they look like polka dots to me too on the shoes.

  9. Me says:

    Apart from that yellow and white outfit, all of these pictures are outfits at a club. Where is the day to day fashion? It’s really hard to comment on someone’s fashion when I don’t see a variety of outfits.

  10. JuJu says:

    the pink strapless top was cute loved them shoes

  11. BIANCA says:

    No. JUST NO. I don’t know which im more offended at the clothes or the fact that shes from new york and this is all she has to show for it. I will give her the white floral jeans those are cute. Everything else is just offensive. The last like 4 or 5 “bombshells” have been ugh to say the least. I love personal style and it excites me to see someone with style I can use flip and make my own. I haven’t seen this with a bombshell in a long time. I’m done……

  12. NYKINDALOVE says:

    Ok, I am very happy that fashionbomb daily explores every realm of style. However sometimes things are just boring. The things she has put together are nice, but they are just not what I would expect from a bombshell of the day. She is pretty, and please don’t take anything I am saying to heart, its just my opinion!!!! p.s the survey says the flower pants are a hit!!!

  13. Brittany says:

    These photos are cool and all, but they all look like “going out” photos. Everyone usually looks well put together when going out. Where’s the everyday style?

  14. Brittany says:

    Also, there’s a lot going on with that white dress. What is that strap doing? Is it trimmed in fur? Me no like.

  15. LivvyV says:

    I dont see any nod to Audrey Hepburn. Her style seems very young girl wanting to be sexy while going to a tea party ( I know wtf lol). Not at all impressed by any of the outfits.

  16. Kapri_H says:

    Pretty girl.
    When Claire tweeted about a Fashion Bombshell from New York, I was looking forward to seeing refreshing looks. I was disappointed with today’s bombshell. I wanted to see more fashion.

  17. MISU MOI says:


  18. LDN 80's says:

    Sorry to go off topic, but can anyone give me some pointers on where to shop in NYC?? I’m from London, going there in July…!! :-)

  19. Nunyabizniz says:

    Cute girl. Nice style, it works for her.
    There are some regular commenters on here whose stylish pictures I really would like to see… SMH

  20. Shaq Nichole says:

    T-Y-P-I-C-A-L but pretty girl..

  21. minniemouse527 says:

    The white dress looks like a quincenera and a table cloth got into it.

  22. Cute girl. I like the floral print dress but I am curious about the white dress….

  23. dyshaun says:

    Cute white jeans, cute floral dress.

  24. dyshaun says:

    I think the white dress is a vintage frock.

  25. alice says:

    i have to admit i was expecting more from a NYer. not feeling the white dress. love the white floral jeans but not liking how she styled it all matchy matchy with the yellow tank/shoes/bag. otherwise crute!!

  26. Name goes here? says:

    Inspired by Audrey Hepburn???? Nothing in these photos speak to being inspired by Audrey…

    Just saying- she has some cute pieces

  27. Meka says:

    Pretty girl but the looks…look cheap to me.

  28. T-He He says:

    Cute…but basic. Do you tho.

  29. T1K says:

    Cute floral jeans, keep the shoes but loose everything else! Some hits some misses

  30. Hohosaretasty88 says:

    I feel like the floral jeans are something you purchase because they’re trendy then next year when they’re out of style you feel ashamed. I saw tons of them the other day when strolling through JC Penny. Funny, isn’t it? If someone would have worn them 3 or 4 years ago, they would’ve been a laughing stock, now everyone has them and they’re supposedly “fashionable”. Meh

  31. klf says:

    I like the yellow rose bag in the photo with the white floral print pants!

  32. binks says:

    Your very pretty and have interesting pieces but I don’t really she Audrey Hepburn, I see other nods to classic stars but not really Audrey. I think you should tweak your wardrobe some to execute finishing looks since you have a great body that can pull off almost anything

  33. jillibooboo says:

    she looks very “cheap”–as in “forever21 obsession”.

  34. HavilandClarke says:

    What I would really appreciate is the “bombs” thats submit their entries be honest and accurate about the look they WANT to achieve as opposed to the the ACTUAL look they are serving in the photos..I see NONE of the influences ie Vintage, Audrey Hepburn in these pics..whether she is a pretty girl or not is really not the issue as she is obviously very pretty.. yawn.. thatisall

  35. NAMELESS DIVA says:




  36. sun.kissed says:

    I like the floral pants and multi-colored dresses. I would have liked the cram lace dress if it weren’t for that strap, cut it off and burn it!

  37. Sammy says:

    I am not a fan of negativity nor do I like to completely bash someone, but that’s what happens when something like this is publicized and the word “fashion” is slapped on it. Did the Chief Editor, Claire have anything to do with this? I know she takes pride in her blog, so how on earth did this manage to get past her? Someone answer me please. Floral has been out since last summer, tribal is in. She looks trendy so she needs to make sure to keep up. Shiny clothes gives me extreme cheap-ness. Vest have been out for at least 2 years now. C’MON!! The fashion Gods r rolling over in their graves right now. The childish ponytails must also GO. Hair is apart of fashion too. This is not a bombshell…just an abomination.

  38. Martha says:

    Well as the white dress it’s a dress made by ragdoll and it not WHITE it’s champagne and my pictures are mix with old and new from 2000 to our current year for my opinion u want to see more of my style visit my site or even my facebook page and for the ppl who wasnt offensive thank you . atleast on the page am a bombshell everyday latina from venezuela and proud raised in NY.

  39. PnP says:

    i think she looks great! yes the floral pants are really cute…and FYI the white dress is a vintage dress!!! it can be a lil matchy but i guess thats how she rolls. comfortable…fashionable…dont hate ladies!

  40. Hohosaretasty88 says:

    Damn @Sammy, you went hard!

  41. Lorena says:

    Guys the most imostant thing is that i believe a lot of ppl might have send many pictures and she got picked for a reason i do see the different styles maybe if we had more options we could have seen more but i do like her look and for those haters they will always be haters why are u not the one up there as the fashiom bomnshell… xoxo

  42. mdollnyc says:

    @ sammy thank you cheers to you doll people like you that are honest keeps me going everyday and love what i do i wear what i wear to please me and make me happy not you lol so cheers honey.

  43. robin taylot says:

    She’s a hottie am sure u haters are black lol she has a hawaiian look or brazilian look very exotic totally bombshell …awesome choice, she has style and confidence.

  44. kaylashion says:

    i love her jimmy choo bag and her shoes are nice.

  45. Ashley says:

    - Awww look at my Aunty Martha she looks absolutely stunning in all four of these pictures and i really love her style, she is very updated with the fashion, she keeps herself very classy and well dressed i really admire that :)

  46. marialejandra says:

    haterz i think you look fabulous hun!!!!!

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