Today I want to introduce you to the designs of Naïka Joizil, a 23-year-old student from Canada who recently started a line called NJoy:


Comprised of feminine, sexy, elegant pieces, Njoy is made for the woman who wants a glamorous yet sweet and classy look:



Right now Naïka is completing her bachelors at l’École Supérieur de Mode de Montreal in Fashion and Management. If you’re interested in seeing more of her hot items, visit her myspace page at or join her group on Facebook.

8 thoughts on “New Designer Alert: NJoy Fashion”

  1. Might have to check out the rest of her clothing.
    These pieces here are pretty hott!

  2. Ritchie! You already know how proud of you I am so I’ll say it again, you are VERY talented and let me know when you’re coming to NYC!!!! Love you cuz


  3. I really like all of her outfits but my favorite is the one in beige!!!
    Nice job, keep doing your thing girl!!!
    Peace xxx

  4. I LOVE these pieces. I joined the FB group immediately. I’m hoping to learn where I can actually buy (not that I can afford) some of the pieces.


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