Aside from classic cars and their monumental presence in music with the derivation of Motown, Detroit has so much sophistication and force for a city like no other. They’re distinctive in many amazing ways that tourists could fawn over, and the topping on the cake is their fashion! Let’s get into five Detroit brands that you must know:

  1. Dominique Suttles, owner of Dom Sutle would consider her clothing as sophisticated, classy and edgy. A clothing brand that keeps the feminine figure in mind to flatter and flaunt, she opts to maintain trends, but adds her unique flare that is cutting edge.

From separates, statement pieces and custom pieces that are so unique and chic, it’s hard not to rave over her designs! She has lovable mermaid dresses with beautiful accents of shimmery lace, and earth tone colored sets, for purchase. Not to mention there are an arrangement of designs that’ll suit any bombshell to their liking! 

2. Corinne Copeland, a designer that considers herself a ‘creator and originator of undefined dopeness’, is the owner of Co2Designs.

Not only does she offer ‘Cocktails & Clutches’—an event where shoppers can explore their artistic side, and create the clutch of their dreams—her original designs or available to snag as well! Some of her pre-designed items such as the ‘Central Station’ Clutch and ‘God Rays’ Earrings are so effortlessly trendy!

3. We have Vajzë, a jewelry brand that derives from the Albanian meaning ‘girl’ founded in 2016 by Valentina Juncaj. Her objective when creating her brand, was to embody the multifaceted nature that the women in her life possessed.

She was born to Albanian parents and the culture she grew up in compelled her to reflect such uniqueness in her designs that was strong yet sparkly, and fierce yet feminine. Her jewelry is an assortment of multiple styles that can easy reflect any consumers’ soul with how touching and well thought out each piece of her treasure she offers up for purchase. 

4. Amira Estell, who considers herself a creative expert, is a former student of fashion and that is reflected in her brand Mira Estell. She created her brand of handbags and accessories for women to show off their personality and to boost their confidence.

Her handcrafted bags are sought out for women to bring edge to their looks, and she masters her vision by handcrafting styles any woman can love and embrace their daring styles to the public eye. After all, according to Amira, there are no rules to style! 

5. Lastly, but certainly not least, we have Gabrielle, but better know as ‘The Style Guru’. Working as a personal and wardrobe stylist that also owns an online women’s clothing store ShopStyleGuru, she is multi-talented and definitely a Detroit brand worth getting into!

Each garment of hers is handpicked, and she has managed to curate so many lovable looks with her brand that it’s hard not to rave over. Apart from personal styling, she offers style consultation, shoppable style boards, virtual style experiences, and complete style makeovers. How bomb!

Be sure to check out each brand from the D for major fashion steal and splurges that all you Bombshells will absolutely love!