So earlier this week, we had fun contests, giving away our Bomb Products! The readers have been announced!
Our first winner, chosen at random, is @Amarissasha, who is the lucky recipient of a host of products from @UrbanSkinRX!

On Instagram, she wrote, “I’ve tried some of their products before and it was love! They have so many new products!” Well, now you can try more!

The winner of the Godspeed jacket was a doozy! We had so many great entries, but we were able to choose the fabulous @AlishaRicki because she took the time to comment on!

She simply wrote, “Love the colour of that leather jacket, Claire.” Thanks! And I’m sure you’ll do it justice!

Lastly, Blue Mink Boutique offered a $100 gift card! We searched through all of our entries, and came up with @Euphoric_pandemonium:

She simply commented, “???” Hayyy! You’re already are working the off the shoulder trend, so I know this jacket will fit you beautifully!

If you see yourself here, send your shipping address to us at Co******@Fa**************.com. Want to sponsor a giveaway? E-mail us here.
Stay tuned for even more fly and fun giveaways next week!