Deciding where to get done printing for wholesale t-shirts is a tough job. As there are so many options in the market. Are you also worried about printing stuff and searching for the best place to get wholesale clothing printing? If yes, then read this article to know about the different options present for bulk t-shirts printing along with their pros and cons. 

From Local Shop


  • Familiarity

There are several advantages of working with individuals you are comfortable with.

First of all, you will be in your comfort zone and thus be able to tell your requirements, needs, and demands very effectively. Secondly, you can also engage yourself in the printing process as your working connection is more personal. 

  • Negotiable price

The greatest thing to do with local screen-printing stores is that the cost is going to be very open to negotiation.

In fact, you maybe get an important concession on bulk orders if you have excellent terms with the owner. 

  • Gives support to the local economy 

Local printing stores primarily depend on their local clients for their living. So, you can have a chance to boost their business by providing them with big orders that help in maintaining their business alive. 


  • Little Resources for Customer Services

It is not financially possible for local printing companies to hire skilled personnel members for customer service. As a result, their customer service is not up to mark.


  • Time Consuming

Most printing shops have limited capacity and cannot speed up the whole process. So, you have to wait for a long time period.

2. From the Well-known Printing Company


  • Experience of Screen Printing

Established printers understand their work as they’ve been doing it for years now. Experienced employees have a better knowledge of the printing method than the local boys.

Therefore, by placing your project in the hands of any established industry, you can feel safer.

  • Excellent Customer Service

More often, customer service will be on top-notch if you work with big businesses. 

  • Adjust the time of payment

With established businesses, you can almost always negotiate the payment time.

It will save you from unnecessary financial pressure because you won’t have to pay all the cash upfront.


  • Pay little attention

There are many clients of famous printing firms. Therefore, building a private working relationship with each client is not possible for them. So, don’t expect any unique favor because you’re just another business customer for them.

3. From Overseas Company


  • Cost-friendly

International businesses give a much better deal price for the cost than the prior two. So, if you have budget limitations and a few weeks at hand, then the perfect choice for you might be foreign printing firms.


  • Large turnarounds 

Lengthy turnaround time is the largest issue with global printing businesses. It may be 4-6 weeks on average. So, check how long the printers will take to deliver before you place an order. 

  • Little communication

A prevalent issue that individuals face in the communication issue when working with foreign businesses. The language barrier often makes it difficult to properly communicate the directions. They can also delay mail responses.