Ever since Levi Strauss started producing and marketing his legendary Levi jeans back in the 1870s, jeans have been a piece of clothing that literally everyone wears, and which is one of the most popular with men and women all over the world.

Over the past several decades, there have been a lot of new styles of jeans to hit the market, including everything from skinny fit, distressed and high-rise wide-leg jeans. One style that appeared were push up jeans, and women all over the world were rushing out to buy a pair for themselves.

What are push up jeans?

Different styles of jeans have different fits, with high and low rise jeans having the waistline either above or below your navel area. Push up jeans are a pair that provide a tight fit around the legs and hips, which in turn produce a more accentuated appearance for a woman’s curves. 

Not every woman has a behind like the Kardashian sisters, and to be fair, not everyone wants one either. However, there are lots of females the world over who are unhappy with their flat, unshapely behinds, and with a pair of push up jeans, they can give the appearance of a more rounded and pert backside.

The jeans are designed so that they actually push up the bottom, hence the name given to them. If you think of a push up bra, which pushes up and lifts the breasts, a pair of push up jeans does exactly the same, but for the backside.

What about slim fit jeans?

There is often a lot of confusion between slim fit and push up jeans. A lot of the time, people mistake them for the same thing, or one another, though they are actually two completely different styles with their own unique features. Slim fit jeans don’t provide the same form-fitting as push up jeans, and simply adapt to the shape and size of the person’s hips.

In terms of appearance, slim fit jeans are similar to the straight leg type as the leg openings at the bottom don’t widen and flare out. You’ll also find that push up jeans have a slightly narrower look.

Do push up jeans really work?

Though it might sound like a strange question, it is actually one that a lot of people ask. The answer is yes, though the final result is going to depend a lot on the person wearing them.

Many brands of push up jeans claim to have their own unique technology and high quality and flexible fabric that produces the push up effect. 

Some pairs will contain a specially developed membrane, usually made with a very light silicone, which is inserted into the jeans around the back of the thighs. These can help create the shapely appearance for the legs, as well as help push the bottom up to give it a more rounded and sensual look.

Who are push up jeans intended for?

There are lots of women out there who are not as naturally rounded as others. Some people have a naturally flat backside, and for a lot of young women, it’s something that causes them a lot of anxiety and stress. Everyone has a look that they want to emulate, and a lot of female celebrities, especially musicians, like to showcase their natural curves in music videos and live shows.

Many young women want to fit in with that is deemed acceptable and normal. They want larger breasts and larger, more rounded bottoms. One way to achieve this is through cosmetic surgery, where silicone implants can be inserted to provide this aim. However, such an option is not a viable one for most people, which is why things such as push up bras and jeans have been so popular all around the world.

A look at some other types of jean

In addition to push up jeans, there are plenty of other popular styles out there, which you can find in stores, markets and online shops everywhere. There are lots of women who are naturally larger and voluptuous, and many look for a style of jean that can actually give them a slimmer look, rather than a rounded one.

Skinny jeans are a very popular style, which can provide the wearer with a more slimmer look. There are various types available, with high, mid and low rise, depending on how you want to wear them. You can also find them with short cut legs, or ones that cover the ankles.

There are also many people that prefer a baggy and loose fitting jean. Wide leg jeans are the opposite of skinny and figure hugging jeans, and are a great choice for the warmer months of the year, when you want a little more space and a slightly airier fit. They are one of the more comfortable styles of jeans, and give you a lot more movement and less restriction than others.

High-rise jeans are the type which will sit just above the navel area and can help create the appearance of having longer legs, as well as reducing the roundness of the bottom or stomach. This style is particularly popular with women who are slightly shorter than average. There are also mid-rise jeans that will sit just below the navel area, and can give a slimmer appearance. These are popular with women who have large hips, and want to reduce how big they look.

Some final thoughts

Denim and jeans are a very popular garment for women. There are so many different styles and types that there is something for each season of the year. Jeans can be worn for casual or formal looks, and the great thing with them is that it is so easy to mix and match them with other garments in your wardrobe.

Push up jeans are a great choice for those who are looking to create a rounder looking figure, and there are a number of different brands that you can look at. It’s worth trying on a few different pairs to see which one is the most comfortable and provides the look that you are after.