Baltic amber has found widespread acceptance in the field of alternative homeopathy medicines as it brings relief by warding off symptoms of pain caused by inflammation. Maybe this is why it is widely used around the globe as a miraculous yeh highly efficient teething remedy. The popularity of Baltic amber teething necklace has further increased by riding on the wave of social media where people can often be seen raining down praises on this pain-relieving remedy. Today we are going to discuss in detail about Baltic amber and how it can usher wellness in our daily lives:

Health Advantages Of Baltic Amber

  • Pain & Inflammation Reduction

Baltic amber teething necklaces contain succinic acid which brings down the level of inflammation and cures inflamed gums. On being left untreated, they can trigger highly painful sensations in our body. When Baltic beads are worn against skin, it tends to warm up and release traces of oil. Succinic acid is present in this oil and this gets absorbed by our body for reducing all signs of inflammation. 

Babies also experience pain during teething and this can be reduced drastically by the natural analgesic amber. Adults on the other hand experience pain as well as inflammation caused by injuries and other health conditions like arthritis and natural ageing. You might find various medical alternatives which promise to cure pain and inflammation. But these carry negative side-effects and might even lead to addiction. To keep things safe, you can proceed with a Baltic amber teething necklace which can cure all your pain-related problems and help you enjoy an active lifestyle. 

  • For Dealing With Stress & Anxiety

Amber brings an extremely calming effect which makes it tailor-made for reducing anxiety in toddlers and babies as well as adults. The role played by Baltic Amber is actually therapeutic in nature which is why these stones are often used in massaging. Its chemical properties are extremely helpful in helping you burst stress while entering into a state of meditation for improved well-being. 

  • Reduction In Drooling

Baltic amber is known to stimulate the thyroid gland on being chewed. This in turn reduces drooling which can serve as an extremely helpful aid of babies. On being worn as a necklace, Baltic Amber balances out both overactive and underactive thyroid. This makes it well-suited for people suffering from sore throat as well as the ones undergoing vocal training. 

  • Boosting Up Immunity

The constant pain experienced by babies during teething brings down their immunity level gradually. This in turn makes them more vulnerable to the attack of germs. This is exactly where Baltic amber teething necklaces can come to your rescue by hiking up the immunity quotient of your little ones. Amber is an excellent antibiotic which is why it was used previously by alchemists for healing wounds. 

Reasons Behind Popularity Of Baltic Amber

  • The biggest advantage of Baltic amber is that they do not tag along any side effect like other teething medications. All you need to do is monitor you baby’s activities with this particular piece of jewellery.
  • The Amber teething necklaces house a natural compound known as succinic acid. This compound brings along an anti-inflammatory effect for helping in pain-relief.
  • The worst thing about traditional teething methods is that they do not stay effective for very long. They need to be retaken every now and then for prolonged relief. The same also holds true for physical teether which need to be chewed on although the relief doesn’t seem very all-encompassing. However, a Baltic Amber teething necklace can offer long-lasting relief against pain and also remove the source of such pain in a comprehensive manner.
  • You can easily combine Baltic amber teething necklaces with other teething remedies. This attribute makes it well suited for infants experiencing stubborn pain. In this case you can make them wear a Baltic Amber necklace while also providing them with a teething toy to inflict greater effect.  
  • Last but not the least, Baltic Amber necklaces are an extremely cost-effective solution for both adults and babies. They are comparatively mess-free than traditional teethers and do not need frequent replacement. 

How Can Adults Use Baltic Amber Necklaces?

  • If you want the necklace to show maximum result, then you need to wear it in such a way that it fits snugly against the skin. In this way, you body will be able the absorb the succinic acid which is released out of the Baltic acid oil.
  • Wearing the Baltic Amber necklaces to bed increases choking hazards. This is why you need to prevent wearing the same during bedtime. You need to make it a point to remove these pieces before going to bed and wear it again the first thing in the morning.
  • Keeping the necklace properly cleaned adds up to its longevity. You can do this by using a cloth on a regular basis. However, you should refrain from using a regular soap and water as this tends to damage the beads. Rather, you can opt for cleansing oil to wipe the beads whenever they need maintenance. 

Final Words

Amber is often used in fashion jewellery although it is not a gemstone. It actually is fossilized tree resin which tends to become hardened over time. The resin is first harvested and next shaped and polished for creating the beautiful beads. Although teething necklaces are the most popular type of Baltic amber jewellery, it can also be found in other forms like anklets, bracelets and many more. However, while dealing with children, you need to monitor their activities and make sure that they are not left unattended with the necklaces. These wellness jewelleries should also be regularly inspected to ensure that they do not become loose and pose a choking hazard for you or your little bundles of joy. 

Amber can bring many positive benefits and help soothe even the fussiest baby through all-natural, proven measures.

To receive all of the benefits of amber, ensure that you are purchasing authentic Baltic amber teething bracelets from reputable sources, like Powell’s Owls. 

If you are looking for a natural teething remedy that really works, is cost effective, and doesn’t come with harmful side effects then you should definitely consider picking up an amber teething necklace today.

Five Most Frequently Asked Questions about Amber Jewelry

Amber jewelry can be used by both children and adults to treat inflammation, pain and a host of other issues. Amber jewelry is especially popular with parents who have teething children, as amber can reduce teething pain and help children feel more comfortable during this period of their lives. Amber jewelry is also popular with adults who suffer from arthritis, muscle stiffness and other problems that can cause pain and soreness.

Amber jewelry has become very popular over the last few years, and with that popularity comes people asking questions! The following are the 5 most frequently asked questions about amber jewelry that people are eager to know.