Choosing bridesmaid dresses for your closest friends or family members can be a stressful process. You need to think about your personal preferences, as well as the opinions of your bridesmaids, the location of your wedding and any theme or colour scheme you have already decided on. With so many different bridesmaid dresses to choose from, the options can be overwhelming. 

It is common for most brides and bridesmaids to prefer long dresses as this they can be more comfortable and give off the elegant look that you are looking for on your wedding day. Long bridesmaid dresses by ChicSew come in a number of different silhouettes and colours, but there are other dress options. Short and mid-length bridesmaid dresses can also be a great choice for particular styles of weddings, but we believe that long dresses are ultimately the best choice for most brides. 

Why should you shop for long bridesmaid dresses? Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of choosing them:


Reasons to Choose Long Bridesmaid Dresses
If you are swithering between long bridesmaid dresses and other lengths, let us try and convince you!

Long Bridesmaid Dresses Add A Touch of Elegance

Generally, weddings are a high-class affair full of elegance and sophistication and long bridesmaid dresses are the best type of dress to fit in with this theme. One of our favourite bridesmaid dress choices for an elegant wedding is  rose gold  dresses as this romantic rose gold looks both modern and classy. Your bridesmaids will look like they just stepped out of a grand ball from a movie, with long flowing skirts that are feminine and classy. Due to the longer length, they will look like they are elegantly moving across the floor in a floaty, ethereal manner that will look perfect on your wedding video for years to come.


Long Bridesmaid Dresses Help Cover Bridesmaid’s Insecurities

It is understandable that on a day where many photos will be being taken, some of your bridesmaids may feel insecure. Every woman has their own insecurities – whether it be their legs, their skin or something else. That is why longer bridesmaid dresses are a better option as they are more covering – meaning that some of the areas your bridesmaids may be feeling insecure about are covered. Quite often, bridesmaids in shorter dresses keep having to pull them down, or make sure they don’t ride up too far when they are booging on the dance floor – long dresses remove these anxieties leaving your bridesmaids feeling far more comfortable, allowing them to relax and enjoy the day.

Long Bridesmaid Dresses Allow Your Bridesmaids To Wear Comfortable Shoes

Let’s be honest, weddings are long days – you have the ceremony, the photographs, the wedding meal and then the party that lasts well into the night – and that can be exhausting! One of the top bridesmaid complaints is that spending the whole day on their feet in heels can lead to pain and discomfort, meaning that don’t enjoy the day to the fullest. Especially some Long bridesmaid dresses from ChicSew UK flow right to the floor, covering your bridesmaid’s feet, meaning that they can wear whatever footwear they feel comfortable in. If they do decide to wear heels, they can later change into a more comfortable option with nobody noticing – a great compromise! 


Long Bridesmaid Dresses Are The Correct Attire For White Tie and Black Tie Events

Weddings can be glamorous affairs with many couples choosing a black or white tie theme for their occasion. If you have chosen one of these themes, and expect the groomsmen to be wearing smart tuxedos, long bridesmaid dresses are the perfect match. With this theme, most of your guests will be in long dresses as it is appropriate for the occasion. Therefore, your bridesmaids should also wear long dresses to fit the theme 

There Is A Larger Choice Of Long Bridesmaid Dresses
Last, but certainly not least on our list of why you should choose longer bridesmaid dresses is that you will have a larger choice of long dresses. As king bridesmaid dresses are the most popular choice, there are a number of different shades, styles and designers to choose from, meaning more variety and an increased likelihood that you’ll find a dress that you and your bridesmaids will fall in love with. 


Choosing The Right Length Of Bridesmaid Dress

There are a number of different factors to consider before making the final decision on which length of bridesmaid dress to choose. Let’s take a closer look.

The Type of Wedding You Are Holding
The length of dress that you choose can be influenced by the theme or location of your wedding. Depending on how smart it is will depend on how likely you are to choose longer bridesmaid dresses. If your wedding is either formal or semi-formal, longer dresses may feel more appropriate. Even more, relaxed beach weddings could have longer dresses in a more boho style. 

More relaxed, casual weddings may, on the other hand, call for shorter dresses to avoid your bridesmaids looking out of place. The location of your wedding is also an important factor, if you are having your wedding in a grand ballroom, or fancy hotel then long bridesmaid dresses will match this lore appropriately. For example, champagne color of ChicSew look stunning in an elegant hotel and can match any décor. 


The Likely Weather Of Your Event

Another factor to consider when planning your wedding, especially if it is an outdoor one is the predicted weather that you may have on the day. While you may not be able to tell the future, you will have an idea based on past weather for that area at a specific time of year. For example, long wedding dresses are perfect for cooler months as they offer more coverage for your bridesmaids. Certain bridesmaid dress shades will also suit different weather conditions – such as burnt orange shades for a fall wedding. 

While summer months may have you thinking shorter dress options might be best to keep your bridesmaid cooler, there are some longer dress options that could be appropriate for a smarter wedding. Keep your summer bridesmaid dress shades lighter to help reflect the heat and keep your bridesmaids cool – for example, king ivory satin bridesmaid dresses look vibrant in the sun while reflecting its rays.