When you think of gingham, what comes to mind?  Picnic table cloths maybe?  Farmers who own a month’s supply of faded, unintentionally distressed overalls?  If any of these images pop in your head when you see gingham, you’re totally behind in the fashion world!  But don’t fret, you’re in the right place for a quick style refresher.

The Fashion Bomb Daily team did a little research on the budding gingham craze, and we are totally digging how fashionable it has become.  Earlier this week we displayed how celebrities are sporting this trend, now we are showing you how our readers are rocking the checkered fabric.  Take a look below!

Don’t the DPiper twins make you wish your mother had two of you?  This chic duo chose off-the-shoulder, ruffled tops for their choice of gingham wear.  This is the perfect summer look! To see more of their style visit dpipertwins.com or check them out on Instagram – @dpipertwins.

Gingham as a preppy look?  We are totally here for it!  David creatively paired his gingham shirt with a Letterman jacket to beget the ultimate school-boy look.  Dope! Browse through more of his fashion choices on Instagram – @doublelowe7.

Benie gave us classy gingham style in this ruffle, midi skirt and fitted tee.   Subtle yet sassy!  See more of her style on Instagram – @la_benie.

Prisla took the trend to whole other level by playing gingham on gingham and adding pops of color.  Classic look!  Check her blog out fashberries.com or peruse her Instagram page for more style inspiration – @prisla_buah.
Oh so you’re just going to hit us with the gingham heels huh??  Fly!  We are in love with the way Psyche mixed prints with her gingham.  This is such a mod contrast!  Head over to her blog economyofstyle.net to see how she puts together other looks or find her on Instagram – @economyofstyle.
Which look was your favorite?  Will you be going gaga for gingham this spring?