And just like that….it’s Prom time again!  I know that you’re probably thinking — “Bring on the lackluster dresses and cheesy cummerbunds.”  And to that I’ll say that you’re absolutely incorrect!  Teenagers these days are as creative as they are entertaining, and their prom attire is nothing short of fascinating.  From Michelle Obama graphic print tuxedos to Wakanda tributes, prom 2018 fashion is lit!  And of course, we’ve got evidence to set your sartorial souls ablaze.  Hold on to your seats while we take you through the fashion chronicles of Prom 2018 below!

Kendall Rose was sure to turn heads when she stepped into her prom sporting this feathery number. Designed by Belinda Moore, this sheer detail dress was adorned with bold royal blue feathers at the hem. Regal designs are definitely one-of-a-kind.

Kayla Allen was surely the belle of the ball in this eye-catching look designed by Monee Pastel. Her bejeweled, mermaid style gown made a subtle yet fierce prom statement, and we are all the way here for it!

You can never go wrong with glitter and tulle when it comes to a gown.  Mckinney Young and her date’s gold and white combination created the perfect prom look.

Wakanda Forever continues to be the mood for 2018.  Aucyon Matthews and his date Nae Nickels went for cultural chic as they paid homage to Marvel’s Black Panther movie movement in their African print prom attire.  Fly!

Kayla Hoey was nothing short of a princess in this pink, embellished gown.  When in need of lessons on how to slay a prom, please check this cutie’s page out!

There’s no other way to show your love for former First Lady Michelle Obama than to wear her on your chest! Semajai made the ultimate political, prom statement in this black and white, printed Michelle Obama tuxedo jacket designed by Terrence Torrence.  Hands down this is one of the most creative prom looks we have seen this year.  We will not be surprised if this creative blazer ends up on the red carpet during award season.

Which are your favorite 2018 prom looks?