Congrats to Fashion Bombshell Marie, winner of our Motions contest, who correctly guessed that the name of the iconic hairstyle (and actress) below is none other than:


Bo Derek!

Marie was jet-setting when we contacted her so we couldn’t get a pic, but she did share her most regrettable hair experience with us:
“I’d read somewhere that garlic oil is a great natural solution for hair that sheds. So I decided to invent my own concoction by leaving pealed garlic in olive oil over night. The next day, I deep-conditioned my hair with the oil under heat but must not have washed well enough because I spent the day smelling like garlic bread sticks. I stopped the home-made madness after that and now always go out of my way to make sure I rinse my hair well when I wash!”
You’re not alone–I had a similar experience with egg whites…
Thanks to everyone who played. We had over 70 entries…phew!
Thank you, too, to our friends at Motions! Check out their site for more information about their all-natural Marula line of products.