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So today we had a wardrobe query so good, it merited its own post!

Bombshell Kendahl wrote in, saying, “So, my friend invited me to a 90’s party that she’s having at this club, so I want to make sure that I look extra fly. The only problem is I don’t really remember any key styles that really represent the nineties! So I’m really stuck on what to do! Can you help me find something that sticks with the theme and is cute and affordable?”

You know we can! Read on for some key looks culled from popular 90’s videos. First up:
TLC in Aint’ 2 Proud 2 Beg:

TLC Ain't to Proud to Beg

Sidle up to technicolors and oversized separates to mimic the energetic TLC trio from their 1991 hit. Dig up a few extra extra large t-shirts in red, purple, or orange, and don’t forget the colorful jeans or overalls to match! To truly go all the way, pin a few condoms onto your ‘fit, stack on colorful socks, and visit a costume shop for big sunglasses and hats:

Mary J. Blige in Real Love:

Mary J Blige Real LoveTo channel around the way Mary J from her 1992 single “Real Love,” look no further than your favorite baseball team. Rock a backwards cap with an oversized jersey, and throw on spandex shorts and black knee pads. Slip on a pair of black sneakers and hoop earrings for extra 90’s flava:

Janet Jackson in That’s the Way Love Goes:

Janet Jackson That's the Way Love Goes

Go for a more sophisticated style with Janet Jackson’s 1993 soulful jam, “That’s the Way Love Goes.” Pair a cropped six pack revealing vest with figure flattering boot cut pants, along with ethnic inspired chokers and bracelets:

Brandy in I Wanna Be Down

Brandy I wanna be Down

Get yourself some box braids, flannel shirts, cropped denim, and chokers to go for a Brandy vibe from her 1995 chart topper “I Wanna be Down.” Hats were huge in the 90’s (remember Blossom?!?) so make sure you get a cute cap to match whatever you’re wearing:

Kriss Kross from Jump Jump:

Kriss Kross Jump Jump

90’s boy bands had some of the best gimmicks, and Kriss Kross was no exception! Well known for their ‘backwards’ movement, the ATL guys launched arguably the most notable trend of the era. Though it failed to catch on in the mainstream, you’ll definitely look like a 90’s throwback with baggy jeans and sweatshirts worn in reverse. Shave a few lines in your eyebrows and wear thin brads for added effect:

Did we miss any trends?


11 thoughts on “Wardrobe Query : What to Wear to a 90’s Party”

  1. Great post. I’d like to add, remember baby tees with the metallic heart, plaid skirts with suspenders and combat boots? Ha. Ha.

    I still remember the airbrushed jeans my cousin did for me with Bart Simpson and an eightball on the side.

    I was born in the 80’s, but LIVED in the 90’s.

  2. Lol! This post is definitely nostalgic. And OMG Claire, hells yes to teddy bear backpack purses! The loud colors were definitely my favorite trend of the 90s. Wearing different color scrunch socks with the Reeboks! Dang I wanna go to a 90s party now lol

  3. On the other side, you have grunge (plaid, Doc Martens, flannel shirts), leather, Kelly Bundy dresses (or at least that’s what I call those really slim fitting sleeveless spandex-y dresses she wore on Married with Children

  4. How about the flower print babydoll dresses pared with the leggins with the lace on the bottom….and then the crushed velvet floppy hats! Miss those days!

  5. What a fun post!!!! I love it! I was made in the 80s taught in the 90s you know I had plenty of colorful pacifiers lol!!!! I want to see the end result of her 90s party outfit!

  6. Gosh, did you say “teddy bear bookbags”? And did someone say “colorful pacifers”? Calgon, take me back to the 90s. If only for one night…

    Great post.

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