Our bombshell of the day for May 12th was Arkisha from Tennessee. She writes, “My style is kinda tomboy chic. I love to match skirts with cropped sweatshirt for a comfy yet girly look. I don’t put myself in a box when it comes to style. I wear the outfit that fits my current mood. One day I’m bold and daring and the next day I might be super simple. Your style should be whatever brings out your inner confidence. It should be the pictures in your story called “Life”.

Our bombshell for May 14th was Michelle from California. She writes, “I am a personal stylist/fashion influencer. I would categorize my style to be based on my mood for the day. Some days I prefer comfort while other days I prefer to be edgy. I don’t think clothes define you, but rather YOU define them which is why I love fashion. “

Both bombshells are fabulous, but which one blew you away? Vote below.


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